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Legend of Hell's gate: DVD/blu-ray release

Added by Fermi on Jan 27, 2012 | 6 COMMENTS

 The official facebook page for Legend of Hell's gate movie posted an update on release and distribution for the movie.

Through Phase 4 Films and Lightning Entertainment, the film will be released February 1st On Demand with select cable providers. Will be released On Demand beginning in March to most other forms of cable and satellite television providers and also in March, a limited theatrical release in select cities and towns in the southern part of the U.S. The OFFICIAL poster and NEW trailer will also drop in March, followed by the LIONSGATE DVD/Blu Ray release of the film nationwide in June. ICAP Media is distributing the film in all foreign markets beginning Jan. 2012.
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Total comments: 6

  Message #1 | Blazius | 2012 Jan 30, 02:47 GMT

Well, if it was only more like a useful, money earning free time for her then its not bad I guess. Still if I'd be somebody who makes a movie and a famous and talented actress knocks on my door I'd utilize her more, and I'd even change a thing or two in my script so I can use her more. I just don't understand the waste of talent and opportunity.

  Message #2 | Fermi | 2012 Jan 30, 01:51 GMT

Maggie Moon were not supposed to have a larger role in this movie. This role was not special written for Summer Glau. She said before in interviews that she wanna do a western and that she loves spending her days in Boerne, where she owns a house.

This movie was shoot shot in Granbury and Boerne and that was probably also a reason why she applied for the job.

  Message #3 | Blazius | 2012 Jan 30, 01:36 GMT

Summers performance is top-notch always and it seems that nothing can change that. This was the case in LOHG too, I could feel a strong emotional connection with her character, she felt real even after the few scenes she appeared in, and she was beautiful beyond belief.

My disappointment came from that I wanted to see a lot more of her, I wanted to know a lot more about her character. I want to see talented people in movies and I want to see actresses in it who are beautiful beyond belief. Thats Summer.

Thats why I became her fan and this would be my opinion even if I saw her in the first time in LOHG. I'd search for her and find her other works which I'd watch a million times like I did after TSCC but I wouldn't watch LOHG ever again probably( also the banner seems like another attempt at using Summer as a mere audience magnet which is just bad)

Lets hope KOB indeed helps spreading the fashion of hiring super talented and beautiful beyond belief actresses smile

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Jan 30, 01:12 GMT

I noticed in the forum that you liked her performance but at the same time regreted that she had not much lines and screentime.

We fans have of course high expectations every time a new movie or tv show inwhich Summer plays is released; in this case, the film revolved around 3 outlaws on the run who encounter various people. Summer's character, Gwen, was only a family member of those people; it was just a supportive role but i can understand that the gap between our expectations and the weight of her role was disappointing.

Also i must say that the movie poster is somewhat misleading; Gwen is at the center of the poster whereas she was not at the center of the story. Again the gap between these two elements can be disappointing.

Summer's role was not Emmy material, still she played it well, this is the most important to me.

To end this on a final and somewhat optimistic note, LOHG won't open the doors of Hollywood to Summer but one can hope that upcoming Knights of Badassdom will.

Edit : read "lines and screentime" and not "time and screentime" of course.

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Jan 28, 02:08 GMT

Glad for Summer Glau that this long awaited movie has finally a DVD/blu-ray release.

  Message #6 | Blazius | 2012 Jan 30, 00:57 GMT

I don't like that Summer is so neglected in this movie while the other actors seem and sound amateurish especially compared to her and got a bigger role.

I feel it disrespectful towards Summer, honestly even Mammoth, Initation of Sarah and The Cape were infinitely better.

And why its the Texan girl who speaks so little when the others fake Texan accent and Western speech so terribly? ( I heard before what they wanted to imitate with this but it failed IMO)

Of course I don't know who is Texan or not besides Summer but I'm 100% sure that she is and she is a master of accents on the top of that so she why she isn't the star of this movie?

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