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Knights of Badassdom on German TV

Knights of Badassdom on German TV

Yet another treat for German fans! After Joss Whedon's space western FIREFLY, German channel TELE 5 will air Joe Lynch's horror comedy KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, in which Summer plays fearless LARPer Gwen alongside Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

Knights of Badassdom airs on TELE 5, on 5th April at 20:15.

TELE 5 released a teaser featuring Peter Dinklage, Danny Pudi and Jimmi Simpson.

More information at TELE 5 website.

31 Mar 2016
Total comments: 2
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 31 Mar 2016, 21:02 GMT

Thanks to our friend Hans Schittly for the heads up!

  Message #2 | Admirator | 01 Apr 2016, 05:14 GMT

I didn't notice that before: Inventory: Disarming Smile  smile (I can sign for that!), Cunning Intelect. Oh, and chrisdvanne, nice to have more information about Cameron vs Rosie fight smile  .

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