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Knights of Badassdom now playing in select theaters!

Knights of Badassdom now playing in select theaters
Knights of Badassdom now
playing in select theaters
Behold! Knights of Badassdom is now playing in select theatres across the United States, beginning January 24th!
Until now, the only way to see the horror comedy starring Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Summer Glau at the cinema was to attend a fan-submitted Tugg screening at a specific date and hour. Being able to go to the movies on the date and time of its choice is more user-friendly and flexible, and should give a wider audience the opportunity to see our wannabee LARPers kick some demon ass in the big screen.
See Knights of Badassdom Theatre Listings on Facebook for ticket information as it becomes available. 
To the fans asking about international availability, eOne Films has the distribution rights for North America only. We will share international availability with you as updates become available.
You can also watch Knights of Badassdom at a Tugg screening near you or when it arrives on VOD February 11th or on DVD/Blu-ray on April 1st.
To keep you waiting, watch a Knights of Badassdom featurette with Summer Glau.
25 Jan 2014
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