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Knights of Badassdom Icon Premiere Impressions

Added by chrisdvanne on Sep 27, 2013 | 0 COMMENTS

Knights of Badassdom Gets World Premiere In Israel
Knights of Badassdom
Icon premiere impressions.
The long-awaited Knights of Badassdom made its debut at the Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-playing in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on September 24, 2013. We have collected the first impressions from the world premiere of Joe Lynch's horror comedy.
You will lean how this unexpected world premiere occured at Icon Festival and read first hand impressions on Summer Glau's performance as ass-kicking, intimidating huntress LARPer Gwen.
Some of the comments listed below were posted online and some were send exclusively to us by lucky con-goers. Of course, the movie was shown at a sci-fi convention with a lot of gamers/larpers and geeks and it's no surprise the audience really liked it.

By amosref:
"The screening was held at the "Icon" festival (sort of the Israeli version of comic-con) in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  
What can I say? It was a theater packed with geeks and everyone went wild! It was fantastic! The cast is brilliant and I laughed out loud at least 20 times (Even though it doesn't say that the movie is actually a comedy). 
The movie was introduced by one of the producers. She got on stage, said a few words about the film and then dropped the bomb on all of us - This was the world premiere! The theater went WILD! Clapping and hooting for a good 2 minutes before she could keep on talking. The feeling in the room was electric. We don't know which cut we got to see though. Can't say how long it was.. didn't really pay attention to the time (especially because they asked everyone to turn their phones off, which almost everyone did. It didn't feel long - just right, in fact. Perhaps 80-90 minutes.. I myself didn't see a poster at the showing but later on I saw one with Summer Glau holding a sword [an hebrew-ized version of the movie poster above] . "
Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten and Steve Zahn face the demon they've summoned
Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten and Steve Zahn face
the demon they've summoned.
"Regarding Summer Glau's performance - she was fantastic. She is every geek's wet dream of course.. But she really delivered the whole "I'm not really into this but I'm playing along with it" role. She looked amazing in her costume! Her on screen chemistry with the other characters was excellent. She is definitely one of the underrated actresses out there. 
Don't hesitate when it is released - worth every penny!"

By eyal-polak:
"Excellent movie, great story and funny as hell."

By Zach Kessin:
Summer Glau was rather awesome, with a few great lines and some good action bits

By Vered Tochterman:
"Finished watching the movie a very short while ago in ICon, Israel, and it was so incredibly awesome the crowd was simply ecstatic. This movie ruleth majorly.
Knights of Badassdom with the ICon crowd was totally the most wonderful, awesome, cathartic, ecstatic, orgasmic experience I've ever had in a movie theater, and quite possibly outside of one as well. This ruled in so many badass ways, and was such a glorious way to end a truly incredible con, that I remained breathless and giddy for quite a long time when it ended, silencing everyone around me and demanding that they don't kill my afterglow."
Peter Dinklage as wannabee LARPers in Knights of Badassdom
Peter Dinklage and Ryan Kwanten as wannabee LARPers
in Knights of Badassdom.

By Itamar Shrek Shapira
"Knights of Badassdom is awesome beyond imagining, and kicks several tons of ass along the way. If you're any kind of geek, you need to see it. (World premiere was only totally beyond amazing. Such an awesome ending for such an awesome convention).

By AlonSandler:
"Just watched it and it was amazing!!!"

By Omri Evron: 
"If the trailers make you suspect you might like this movie, I guarantee it will deliver, and then some. I did not see a single person exit the theater who wasn't smiling and gushing with excitement. The movie is low-budget but manages to surprisingly subvert horror tropes. Even someone who isn't familiar with the geeky concepts and cast will enjoy the fantastic and crazy comedy, and those who are familiar will cheer during the movie like everyone at the premiere."

By Adam1s1Uncle:
"The producer brought the movie personally with her and everything was very low key, after midnight screening, only showed on the online schedule, and tight on security from piratizem, not even screen shots were allowed.
So apparently one of the staff on the con e-mailed the movie people and the producer that came to the con got word of it, and cause she's originally Israeli, she made it happen for the movie to get to Icon.
The movie's about 80 min', the crowed really digged it, there was alot of cheering and shout outs with "Community", "firefly" and of course Game of Thrones references ;D
Very cool effects, totally grabs the all atmosphere of LARPing and geeking out, combined with a summer teen parody slasher movie (were the slasher is a hot babe) and topped with an epic ending that was kind of a tribute to "Tenacious D" "
Summer Glau's grin of satisfaction after she slayed some in Knights of Badassdom
Summer Glau's grin of satisfaction after she slayed some
in Knights of Badassdom.
Summer was great as always, she as the non-sealant gamer-girl-next-door thing OWNED like in all her other roles so she fitted right in her role as a hot girl that is semi-outsider to the geek world but still enjoys having fun with everybody and also Peter Dinklage was AWESOME!!
All of us were also waiting for it for a long time and got super psyched when we heard it's coming to Icon, had no idea it was a world premiere :D"


That's it! A huge thank you to all Icon 2013 attendees who kindly shared their comments with us and I hope everyone is as excited as we are to watch the movie. As an aside, and while this version might not be Joe Lynch's cut, people who will pay to see the movie simply want to have a good time in front of the big or small screen.
Finally, while it was the result of favourable circumstances, I have no doubt that the producers of the movie will benefit from this early screening in front of an audience to see if there's a positive response to it and try to determine what will be the best way to distribute the film. The last we heard, Entertainment One has acquired U.S. distribution rights, committing to release the movie theatrically and on VOD in 2013.
Hopefully, it also means the movie will be released in the near future, under one form or another. Of course we will keep you updated with the latest news on the release, so visit us regularly.


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