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Knights of Badassdom Premiere at Icon

Knights of Badassdom Premiere at Icon festival
Knights of Badassdom Premiere at Icon festival
The long-shelved Knights of Badassdom premiered on September 24, 2013 at the Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-playing in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with one of the producers in attendance.
Entertainment One announced two months ago it has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Joe Lynch's horror comedy, which stars  Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn and Summer Glau, committing to release the movie theatrically and on VOD in 2013.
As of today, we don't know if the movie shown at Icon Festival was screened as part of eOne's deal and whether it was Joe Lynch’s original cut of the film, or a re-cut version by producer Wade Bradley.
Meanwhile, here are the first impressions on Knights of Badassdom from con-goers who had the opportunity to watch it before anyone else:
AlonSandler: Just watched it and it was amazing!!!
Omri Evron: "If the trailers make you suspect you might like this movie, I guarantee it will deliver, and then some. I did not see a single person exit the theater who wasn't smiling and gushing with excitement. The movie is low-budget but manages to surprisingly subvert horror tropes. Even someone who isn't familiar with the geeky concepts and cast will enjoy the fantastic and crazy comedy, and those who are familiar will cheer during the movie like everyone at the premiere."

UPDATE: We have collected more impressions from the world premiere of Knights of Badassdom, including exclusives impressions on Summer Glau's role as ass-kicking, huntress LARPer Gwen

Summer Glau brandish a sword and wears a chain mail skirt in 'Knights of Badassdom'
Summer Glau brandish a sword the way the geek gods
and 'Knights of Badassdom'  filmmakers intended.
We hope more informations will be available in the following days and the movie will be released in the U.S. shortly. Of course we will keep you updated, so come and visit the site regularly.
Pending the release of the movie, watch again the promising trailer unveiled at Comic Con 2011.
25 Sep 2013
Total comments: 4
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 25 Sep 2013, 21:09 GMT [Entry]

We have been salivating over this for far too long. Make this release happen worldwide and in VOD!!

I want to see Summer Glau wielding a sword.

  Message #2 | robbo | 25 Sep 2013, 22:18 GMT [Entry]

make this happen it seems absolutely ages regarding this film, ever getting released hopefully on DVD or with a bit of luck Blu-Ray, the film looks pretty cool and Gwenn `Summer Glau `looks really super cool swishing and swaying her mighty sword, she does look amazing,

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 26 Sep 2013, 09:45 GMT [Entry]

The Festival showed on its Facebook page a hebrew-ized version of my fan-made movie poster featuring Summer Glau wielding a sword biggrin

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 26 Sep 2013, 19:08 GMT [Entry]

Besides the fact that one of the producers was Israeli, I think the producers wanted to test how the film would be received in front of an audience.
Of course, the movie was shown at a sci-fi convention with a lot of gamers/larpers and random geeks. It's no surprise they had a blast.

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