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Knights of Badassdom Gets German Cinema Release

Knights of Badassdom German poster

Good news for all German LARPers and Summer Glau fans! Knights of Badassdom will be shown in selected German movie theaters, only on August 18, 2014 at 20:00. 
Please note the Joe Lynch-directed horror comedy will receive a one-night-only screening , so don't miss this opportunity to see Summer Glau wielding a sword as fearless LARPer Gwen on the big screen. Tickets are available as of today from the participating cinemas, including CinemaxX, CineStar and UCI Kinowelt.
Check out the list of German cinemas that will be showing Knights of Badassdom on August 18, 2014 at 20:00 at and reserve your ticket now.
For the record, Archstone Distribution has closed a deal to handle international sales on Knights of Badassdom at The European Film Market (EFM), as part of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), on February 2014. Hopefully, other non North-American fans will be able to watch Knights of Badassdom on the big screen in the near future. Of course we will keep you informed about international distribution.

Knights of Badassdom German Artwork


Side note: kudos to the German distributors of Knights of Badassdom for placing Summer Glau's Gwen before Ryan Kwanten's Joe in the German poster.
18 Jun 2014
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  Message #1 | Chris7 | 19 Jun 2014, 08:57 GMT [Entry]

even in my citiy! Thanks for the info! smile

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 Jun 2014, 12:52 GMT [Entry]

Happy to have been of help biggrin

Now we can expect more screenings in other non North American countries. I know a French LARPers or two who would be happy to watch Knights of Badassdom on the big screen.

  Message #3 | Metal | 23 Jun 2014, 01:59 GMT [Entry]

lI ain' no LARPer monsieur, but I find KOB fucking awesome! \m/ >.< \m/
I can't say I expected it to be that cool tbh. But since I saw I was thriller and really enjoyed it... and every time I rewatch it. biggrin
It has a really neat sense of "geek"-ish humour, but also has a different unique to it's own, unlike stuff like The Big Bang Theory, which is a great show, but it's majorly stereotypezyed and adds very little of originality, at least in my view.

I have high myopia tho so don't trust me entirely, that's just imo. smile

What I like about KOB is that it doesn't aim too high in terms of it doesn't attempt to do or at least try to do stuff like (crap) flicks like Transformers or attempt on some other over used stuff like zombies or other geek culture stereotypes and at the same time it delivers some actual good story which also isn't based on something overly huge and ambitious like saving the boring world (or at least not in the start ;P), but is rather focused on and around the things and problems of the main characters, which seems not so big, but catch your attention none the less. It doesn't go sideways and spam you with unrelated (to the story) things and overall is can easily make you overlook the slightly bad SFX, which honestly aren't that bad imo. Even more when you add in that this is actually an indy film, e.g. low ass budget often leading to crappy performance. But in this case they do very good job with what they have I think.

And not to forget the great ending as well, I really loved it plus Summer Glau playing a bass is a pure -gasm of so many sorts. :P

Another think I like is that the cast is unbelievably awesome. I mean they are all great actors and are all entertaining to watch, everyone has a presence of their own and they fill their roles perfectly. When I first saw the movie on IMDb before it was even filmed I think, I wasn't so sure about the most of the cast, I always think they could've picked better actors when it comes to new movies, but unlike most cases it turned really great and I don't think that they could've or had to do any better.

The characters are awesome as well and it all ties pretty well. Gunter is really fun to watch, Summer is awesome as always, both in appearance and as an actor. And needless to say that the dwarf and the magician were consummate in performance as well, Peter Dinklage knows how to play a badass dwarf. And Jobriath's actor was a pretty good choice too, I don't find myself so often to like the main character in more recent
movies of similar types, they always pick some sissy guy with weak presence who is uninteresting and annoying to watch. I wasn't that sure in the earlier scenes I saw, but now I think that this guy does perfectly. And all of these boys and a girl wink have really nice chemistry between them, they all fit perfectly with each other, and all did a very good job.

I don't want to sound too flattering and turn ppl away from the movie in the end, but I like it that much and I think it's really a good fun movie. Judging by the torrent sites I am far from being the only one. wink And tbh it's hard to see something hanging on there, not that I promote piracy (that much >: ) ), but it's quite accurate tool for testing if something is popular and/or that good, especially when we are talking about movies. So it's great to see that the movie isn't actually considered as a fail in artistic and popularity terms even.

TBH I wouldn't mind a sequel. biggrin

  Message #4 | Metal | 25 Jun 2014, 00:53 GMT [Entry]

Also, the actress that plays Beth, Margarita Levieva does a pretty decent job at portraying a Succubus from Hell and in addition, a very annoying b... snobby ex-girlfriend. biggrin

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