Joan Allen on Summer's Celebration of Marriage and Maternity Photoshoot

Photographer Joan Allen has provided more information on her upcoming photo session with Summer. Joan announced a few days ago a new photo shoot with her friend Summer has been scheduled and now we learned it's going to be a celebration of marriage and maternity photo shoot.
UPDATE: Joan Allen has posted a first image of Summer's photo shoot.
Pregnancy is a beautiful time to be photographed and we're glad Summer and her fiance Val have decided to celebrate this time with an celebration of marriage and maternity photo session. Who better to capture the experience with care and sensitivity than Summer's dear friend Joan Allen.
Here's all the information Joan Allen revealed through her Twitter account.
  • She is currently prepping Summer's photoshoot and while it has not happened yet, she will tell the fans as soon as it does. 
  • Laura Hooper's beautiful calligraphy will be featured in the photo shoot. And no, no nude ala Demi Moore for Vanity Fair.
  • Dream team crew member lined up for Summer's celebration of marriage and maternity photo shoot, including celebrity makeup artist Mary Klimek  Gillian Whitlock.
  • Celebrity director/editor @NarDeepThoughts is teaming with Joan for a behind the scenes video!
  • Celebrity hair stylist Christina Gonzalez has joined the dream team.
Congratulations to Summer and Val on their marriage, and thank you Joan Allen for capturing this moment. We simply cannot wait to see the first photos and the behind the scenes video of Summer's celebration of marriage and maternity photo session!
Side note: the photo on the right is taken from a fashion photoshoot by Joan Allen. Calligraphy on the model by Laura Hooper.
19 Nov 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 Nov 2014, 09:58 GMT

I'm glad the reserved and concerned about her privacy Summer Glau decided to allow this celebration of marriage and maternity photo shoot. It will be a great moment for her, Val and her family but for her fans as well.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 19 Nov 2014, 21:43 GMT

Things are moving ahead quickly and Joan Allen is assembling a dream team for Summer and Val's photo shoot.

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