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Interview with Community News - Perth

Community News chatted to our favourite butt-kicker from Firefly
Community News chatted to our favourite butt-kicker from Firefly

Shortly before her appearance at Supanova Expo, Australia, Summer gave an interview to Community News - Perth from her Texas home. In this interview, she opens up about life as a mom of two - Milena and Isabou -, her career and more.


Read an excerpt below and visit for the full interview.

"It’s about 7pm, I’m putting my babies to bed,” she said.

“My first time in Australia I had a new baby, Milena; she is the older one and she came with me.”

“I have been a sci-fi fan since I was a little girl,” she said.

“I had health problems as a child; I had severe asthma and so I was home-schooled and we were always reading, my sisters and I.

“I loved sci-fi books (and) I think it had a hand in shaping my imagination.”

“Firefly was magic; we were able to make a movie out of a series that had hardly been on.

“I am so protective over what it was (but) of course if I was invited to do it (Editor's note: a reboot of Firefly]I wouldn’t be able to resist.”


And don't forget that Summer will be at Supanova Expo Perth June 22 to 24.

09 Jun 2018 | Tags: Supanova, Perth, australia
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 11 Jun 2018, 18:15 GMT

"severe asthma"? Oh, life can become so hard to us people sometimes.. I thought braking her toe was the worst part.. But she did it smile ! She became both a dancer and did all this fight training for serenity! Admirable smile !

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