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Interview: Summer talks to Den of Geek about narrating Alternis

Summer Glau Dives Back Into Science Fiction With Serial Box's Alternis
Summer Glau Dives Back Into Science Fiction With Serial Box's Alternis

Den of Geek published an interview with Summer in which she shares the fun she had narrating the first season of Serial Box's science fiction story Alternis. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below and head over to Den Of Geek for the full interview.


“I am an audiobook and podcast junkie,” Glau explained. “I had just been imagining, ‘How can I work my way into this party of the industry more? I enjoy it so much. I’d like to stretch and do more audio work.’” Serial Box reached out to Glau with samples of several of their other serials, asking if she’d be interested in narrating Alternis. “When this came across my desk, I was so excited."


As the season progresses, characters from Team Russia also become important to the story. Glau has played Russian characters previously, particularly as a villain on Arrow, but the inspiration for her voices for the serial came from much earlier. “It was like a blast from the past,” she described. “I envisioned myself back in ballet class with one of my Russian ballet teachers yelling at me. It all just comes flooding back.” She also has a reference closer to home: “I’m married to an Eastern European, so that doesn’t hurt.”


Two episodes of the first season of Alternis have already been published. Each episode can be purchased at any time from Serial Box website for $1.99 (text and audio versions) or you can buy the whole season for $13.99

22 May 2019
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