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01 Feb 2013
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Inside the Box movie poster

The production team of Inside the Box provided us with additional informations on the ways to watch David Martín-Porras's short film and also promises to unveil new behind the scenes clips.
To Summer Glau fans wondering when/if they will be able to watch the film when it's finished: right now the only way to see the movie when it will be finished (hopefully this month) is by a passwod protected link to the film or DVD that people will get by the donations.
Inside the Box is immerse in post production and the producers still need your help to make it through the finishing line. 
You will find the Donation Guidelines from the PDF file.
If you can’t donate, word of mouth is a great way to support the movie. Get the word out on social networks for example, tell your friends and family and post on appropriate blogs and websites 
Like Inside the Box on Facebook and/or follow the movie on Twitter.

Inside the box - behind the scenes clip with Summer Glau

The other ways to watch the movie will be the Festivals; if everything goes as planned, Inside the Box will be shown at film festivals throughout the year. The Summer Glau Wiki will keep you informed on the festivals and dates as they come.
After that, the producers will try to show the movie in TV or some VOD platforms...but i think all Summer Glau fans will already have seen it by then (It doesn't mean we cannot continue to support it btw).

Inside the Box - behind the scenes clip with Summer Glau

In the meantime, the producers have released a behind the scenes clip with Summer Glau that you can watch in a previous News if you haven't already.
Two other behind the scenes clips with Regina King and Wilson Bethel should be unveiled in the next few days, and soon another two more with general information about the production.
As you can see, the cast and crew of Inside the Box are working hard to showcase the movie and i'm glad that they have included the fansites in the process.
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That's such a cute smile on her in the bed scene photo.

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