Inside the Box Lives Up to the Expectations of the Fans

The much-awaited Inside the Box has finally been released. Those of you who have contributed to the financing of David Martin-Porras's short film should have received in your mail a link and the accompagnying password to watch the movie.

The much-awaited short movie by David Martin-Porras Inside the Box has finally been released.
Inside the Box has
been released.
I hope you'll enjoy Inside the Box as much as we do; the short met our expectations and the actors Summer Glau, Wilson Bethel and Regina King have delivered engaging and intense performances.
Spanish composer Arnau Bataller did a great job and his intense and captivating music superbly underlines the dramatic intensity of David Martin-Porras's creation.
Inside the Box manages to deliver a strong message about  HIV criminalization, whilst captivating the audience with unexpected turn of events. It is a great way to showcase Summer Glau's talents well, to reach to a new audience and ultimately will help with her career.
Since Inside the Box is going to be screened at film festivals soon, it's important that it is not released publicly, but hopefully all fans can see it when it will be available by VOD and DVD at a date to be determined.
The production team is confident about the quality of the movie itself and about the performances of the actors as well, and hope to win many awards world wide.
Don't forget that Inside the Box is more than a short film. It will serve as a teaser for David Martín-Porras's next project, the feature film "A Texas Story". David Martin-Porras has been awarded with a scholarship from Programa Ibermedia, a fund providing assistance to Latin American cinema, to attend to a screenwriting lab in Mexico City with 'A Texas Story', the feature version of the short film Inside the Box.
Find below a sample of the screen caps that have been added to the Gallery.

Inside the Box has been releasedInside the Box has been releasedInside the Box has been released

Inside the Box has been releasedInside the Box has been releasedInside the Box has been released

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Meanwhile, the previously released trailer gives you a good overview of the movie without revealing all the twists and turns.

Side note: The production team of Inside the Box send the emails but it appears some of them didn't reach the contacts (that was the case for us); so if your contribution included a link to the movie but you didn't receive it, I suggest you contact them.


24 Jul 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jul 2013, 17:16 GMT [Entry]

Watching Inside the Box has whetted my appetite for the feature film "A Texas Movie". I wonder if the production team think about hiring the same actors as in the short.

  Message #2 | dylangillian | 24 Jul 2013, 17:22 GMT [Entry]

i'll have to wait for it to appear online or for DVD, lets hope they will hire the same actors (at least summer wink )

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 25 Jul 2013, 10:07 GMT [Entry]

That the movie was released the day of Summer Glau's anniversary is probably a coincidence. Still, the moment the production team heard about it, they published this photo on their Facebook page:

  Message #4 | Cegorach | 31 Jul 2013, 12:16 GMT [Entry]

Yes, I agree, the movie definetely delivers. Performances were strong. Mrs. Glau seems to excel playing scenes like those and it was visable even in a short movie lasting minutes.

The story although about conveying the message was not trying too hard to push it - really well written.
Agreed about "A Texas Movie", before watching "Inside the Box" I was sceptical and only donated to somehow support a great artist we-all-know-who, but now I am quite curious about the longer project. David Martin-Porras is a name worth remembering.

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