Inside the Box had its Premiere in Los Angeles

The first un-official screening of 'Inside the Box' took place on Friday, August 2, 2013 at the UCLA James Bridge Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Summer Glau as Sophie in 'Inside the Box
Summer Glau plays Sophie in 'Inside the Box'.

The director David Martin Porras, the producers and a couple of actors attented the Los Angeles premiere of Inside the Box and participated to a Q & A to discuss the making, characters, and future life of the film. Summer Glau, Wilson Bethel and Regina King didn't attend the screening unfortunately.

UPDATE: Find below a few photos taken at the screening, courtesy of Inside the Box production team:

Inside the Box LA premiere - Director David Martin Porras with actress CaroleAnne Johnson a few minutes before the screening.Inside the Box LA premiere - Director David Martin Porras chats with actor Deane Sullivan.Inside the Box LA premiere - Q&A with director David Martin Porras, actors CaroleAnne Johnson & Deane Sullivan and producer Elisa Lleras.Inside the Box LA premiere - Music composer Arnau Bataller.

The short was released a few days ago, when early donators received a link to watch the movie online. As one of the happy few, I can confirm that Inside the Box manages to deliver a strong message about HIV criminalization, whilst captivating the audience with unexpected turn of events. It is a great way to showcase Summer Glau's talents well, to reach to a new audience and ultimately will help with her career.

Inside the Box is going to be screened at film festivals, and hopefully all fans will be able to see it when it will be available by VOD and DVD at a date to be determined. The producers are working hard to send the movie to all the festivals around the world, which means there's a chance it will be screened at a festival in your area. Of course we will keep you updated on the dates and locations of the screenings, so stay tuned!

The short focuses on a Texan cop who is forced to face a secret that he's been hiding from his wife in an effort to keep his family together, especially when the local District Attorney comes knocking. It features performances by Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau, Regina King, as well as an original score by Spanish composer Arnau Bataller.

Just like the production team, we have high expectations for the future of the short and the feature film "A Texan Story" in preparation, based on "Inside the Box".


Side note: If you're sensitive to the message delivered by 'Inside the Box' and want to help researching for a cure for AIDS / HIV, I suggest you read the noteworthy comment left by Fox012 under this News.


03 Aug 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 03 Aug 2013, 19:19 GMT [Entry]

It looks like everything goes well for 'Inside the Box" and hopefully all fans will be able to watch it.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 03 Aug 2013, 20:07 GMT [Entry]

It's not a surprise that Inside the Box was screened at UCLA when you know that director David Martin Porras attented the Directing Program at UCLA Film School.

Here's a picture taken in front of the theater:

  Message #3 | Fox012 | 04 Aug 2013, 17:48 GMT [Entry]

I might add since the short delivers a Strong Message about HIV..after you have seen the short.. and  now have a intention to help  you might consider donating your computers computing power to the world community Grid and help researching for a cure  for AIDS / HIV how you might ask?  Read Below...

The WCG is a Platform for Clouded / Network computing where volunteers donate their computers idle processing power (or lately even Idle cell phones) to the platform there are Various projects that seek to find a Cure for AIDS and other diseases  there are also project that seek solutions for Clean Water & Clean Energy some recently have Completed Sucessfully but the search for an AIDS cure is still ongoing  I'm doing this since 2007 and Helped in Various Projects...

more information can be found here...

also here's the wikipedia article about cloud / network computing

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