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Summer at TV Guide Magazine Hot List Party

Summer Glau, accompagnied by her boyfriend, attended TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List Party held at at The Emerson Theatre on November 4, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
On that occasion, Summer Glau was wearing a black sleeve blazer dress with black shoes and a specific makeup which goes with her outfit.
Update: Summer's blazer dress has been identified,  it's a Natalia Double-Breasted Dress by Rachel Zoe.
Check out below a sample of the stunning photos of an obviously in love Summer Glau, looking amazing as per usual on the red carpet.
Summer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List PartySummer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List PartySummer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List Party
Summer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List PartySummer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List PartySummer Glau at TV Guide Magazine Hot List Party
Gallery link:
Here's the press release for the event:
TV Guide Magazine celebrates television’s hottest stars and TV series at our annual Hot List party. Chosen by our esteemed editors, the Hot List recognizes TV actors for their work on new or returning series. This red carpet event draws over 300 TV celebrities, producers, directors and industry insiders. Custom brand integration opportunities are available.
Feel free to share your thoughts on Summer’s new look and check out the site regularly as new photos will be added and hopefully videos as well.
Source of some of the HQ non watermarked pics: KortoloB from r/SummerGlau.
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Peter Panzerfaust - Release date and more

We have collected the latest informations on the upcoming Peter Panzerfaust motion comic featuring the voice talents of Elijah Wood (Peter), Summer Glau (Wendy), Ron Perlman (Kapitan Haken) and Dante Basco (Alain); specifically about the exclusive Peter Panzerfaust trailer shown at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) later today, the recording session with the voice actors and more.

Summer Glau in Peter Panzerfaust Behind-the-Scenes

- Other Projects (incl. Shorts) > Peter Panzerfaust motion comic (2014??) > Behind-the-Scenes

On the trailer release dates and length:

Peter panzerfausr still

Attendees of the Peter Panzerfaust panel (at 3:15 pm in room W470b) will be the exclusive audience of a three-minute teaser for the upcoming animated comic, which is great considering a motion comic lasts between 10 to 20 minutes.
An official trailer for the motion comic will be released on May 14, 2013, while the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic itself will be released the following day, on May 15, 2013
Be sure to mark your calendars!

Ron Perlman voices Kapitan Haken in Peter Panzerfaust motion comic

On the C2E2 panel:
Writer Kurtis wiebe told us exclusively that he believes the panel will be filmed and hopefully will be posted later, for the enjoyment of fans who could not go to Chicago.
Panel attendees will get the chance to win signed Peter Panzerfaust cover print (cf pictures of the voice talents holding cover prints).
While the C2E2 panel will feature Peter Panzerfaust writer Kurtis Wiebe, artist Tyler Jenkins and motion comic & TV series Executive Producer Jeff Krelitz, I would not be surprised if Ron Perlman himself made an unexpected appearance...but shh, we don't want to spoil the surprise.


On the recording session for the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic:

Elijah Wood during the recording session for peter panzerfaust

Kurtis Wiebe chatted with Pop Culture Hound about getting started in his writing career and what's coming up; while he was not directly involved in the recording, he gave a few informations.
The voice artists recorded their section separately from everybody else (which allows a better control of the editing but actors sometimes prefer to be able to interact with each other while recording the audio part).
The motion comic took the actual comic, so that anybody who has read the book are going to know the story; a few minors changes have been done to make it more adaptable to the animated media.
Wiebe would love to have any of the talented people that did the voices for the motion comic reprising their role in the (still in developpement) live action serie.
Hopefully, Jeff Krelitz will be able to answer more specific questions during the panel.
Panel attendees will also be the first to get a look at Kurtis J. Wiebe's new series Rat Queens, illustrated by Roc Upchurch; Rat Queens which is describe by Wiebe as being "Tank Girl meets Bridesmaids by way of a Lord of the Rings fantasy world on crack” chronicles the antics of four partying monster-hunter women who seek revenge.

writer Kurtis J. Wiebe's new series RAT QUEENS



Tyler Jenkins sketch - peter panzerfaust

Comic book artist Tyler Jenkins will be at C2E2 this coming weekend doing sketches...C2E2 attendees can visit Kurtis and Tyler at table I7.
Jenkins wil be offering bust sketches on the sketch covers (similar to the example posted above) for $75 (raw) or $125 (SS) at the C2E2 show (this includes the cost of the book,and Kurtis' signature, too)! Additional character is $75. There will be a maximum of 100 sketches available at the show (40 on Friday, 40 on Saturday, and 20 on Sunday). The sketch cover will also be available double-signed (not sketched) for $20 (or $30 for SS).


I hope you enjoyed reading these tidbits of information (and looking at the photos) and be sure to check the site often for the latest news on the panel, the Peter Panzerfaust trailer and hopefully a few surprises.

As usual, you can comment under this News and in the dedicated thread in the Forum.

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Agency headshot photo

We have acquired a rare document, a glamour agency headshot photo of Summer Glau.

This type of 8x10" photo is usually sent out by the actor’s talent agent to get them a job on a TV show or movie. But the photo didn't came alone: Summer Glau's resume was stapled to the back of it! A resume consists of Film & TV credits, Theatre, Special Skills, Training. Depending on the experience of the actor, some resumes will be more thorough than others. The only contact info is management and agencies. No personal contact info!
Summer said many times in interviews that she took on public speaking courses (she admitted herself she was a very shy girl) in order to be able to express herself in front of other people; her resume gives details on the type of course she took on and with whom. 
Given the rarity of the documents, both the agency photo and the resume have not been retouched, hence the staple marks on the photo or the ring binder marks on the resume.

Agency PhotosSummer Glau Agency Photos

[Agency Photos]


Side note : this photo and the accompagnying resume have been bought on ebay from a seller specialised in agency photos of actors.

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Twitter Chat with Fans

Summer had a Twitter chat with fans for the Alphas season finale using @AlphasSyfy Twitter handle (since she is not on Twitter herself).

This was Summer's very first time on Twitter and fans were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to speak directly to her. Check out her twitter chat with fans below .


Summer Glau's Q & A on Twitter (in the proper question and answer order and sorted into three categories for easier reading) :
On Alphas
What was you favorite scene to shoot, Summer?
The only scene with all four girls
Hi, Summer! Did you do anything special to prepare for your role as Skyler on the show?
Skyler’s boots are magical. I just put those on and I’m ready to go.
Seriously, I always go on set and work on taking a part and putting together all of Skyler’s inventions.
How extensive do Skylar's powers run, could she analyze any machine regardless of size?
Heya Summer, whats your favorite scene with Zoe (Skylar) ?
My favorite scene from Alphaville where everyone that lives in the village is having dinner together.
Summer, which do you think is the coolest gadget that Skylar created?
The flame throw that I made at the end of Need to Know.
Hi Summer! If Alphas were real, would you want to be one? With what abilities?
If I wasn't acting there is no way I could be Skyler. Everyone knows I'm mechanically challenged. If I could choose an ability I think I'd choose Nina's.
Will we see you next season of Alphas, if they get renewed?
I really hope so
If there is a 3rd season and Skylar is in it how would you like to see the character develop?
I would like to see her push herself to trust the team.
If you could be any other character on Alphas who would it be and why?
It would be Harkin
Do you enjoy the techno-babble your characters do?
I don't enjoy it before it's been memorized
HEY Summer!!! Do you think we will ever see who Zoe's father is???? What do you think his alpha ability is???
I'd like to see who he is and give him a piece of my mind. Hopefully we'll find out what his Alpha ability is.
Is zoe as adorable as she looks? Loved the gorilla toy!
Whoa, Summer, how was it filming the elevator scene with all the guns? 
Our guard was down. It was 4 in the morning. Great conversations.
Summer, have you figured out how to program the remote yet?
On her career
Ms. Glau are you considering pursuing writing or directing?
Looking to work with writers and directors. Not looking to writing and directing on my own.
I’m here to start tweeting. Any questions
Out of Cameron (TSCC), River (Firefly), or Skylar (Alphas), which was your favorite to play?
I'll always keep that secret
Ms Glau, what 70s or 80s TV show would you love to see rebooted and be part of?
I like to stick with originals
My favorite tv show growing up was Little House on the Prairie
Hey Summer! How did it feel when you first moved to LA to purse acting? What was the hardest part?
The hardest part was being brave enough to be myself.
It's funny how you're specialty has turned out to be sci-fi . Did you like this type of show growing up?
Yes. I was a huge Star Trek the Next Generation fan. It's a show I got to watch with my parents when I couldn't sleep.
Do you miss Firefly? Do you still keep in touch with the old cast?
Yes. Always.
Summer, if there were a fight between River and Cameron, who would win?
I’ll never give that away.
Hello summer, I am an up and coming actress and was wondering if you have any advice for making in the wonderful world of acting
Know what’s true.
Something Browncoats often debate: River with combat boots on, or barefoot. Which did you prefer?
Combat boots. The grates on the ship really were quite sharp on my feet.
Is there any actress/actor in particular, that you would like to work with in the future?
I would love to do more scenes with David Strathairn
Would you consider being Doctor Who’s companion for a season or two?
That's a great idea.
How was your time at Grey's Anatomy?
So much fun! Sandra Oh and Ellen are goddesses
Summer, is the Dollhouse real:-)
Some time and some where.
What show would you love to guest star on if you could? Can you sing?
New Girl (I'd love to guest star on). In terms of singing, it depends.
Any chance of Dr. Horrible sing along Blog 2?
If I get hired to sing it will be the proudest moment of my career
Summer, what is your favorite movie of all time?
That's the movie that most made me want to be an actress.I used to watch it with my grandma. And she gave me the soundtrack when I was child
Hi Summer! When are you coming to Europe? You have so much fans here :-)
Made plans to come last year, but wasn't able to make it due to work. 2013 should be my new European adventure.
Summer I'm a huge fan!! What is your dream role?
To be the female John Wayne.
Summer, nothing related to acting but what is your favorite band?
My favorite singer is George Strait. I like a lot of country music. There are a lot singer song writers that I love.
Hi Summer! What's your favorite color (I'm bad at asking questions...please take pity on me ;-)?
You’ve got awesome moves. What do you do on a regular basis to stay in shape? Yoga? Pilates? Vegan diet? Other?
 I love yoga, cardiobar and hiking.
Hey Summer! Do you have a favourite tv show at the moment to watch?
New Girl.
Hi Summer. Who do you look up to as an acting role model??
So many actors. Cate Blanchett
Do you believe in aliens?
Skip aliens
Summer, your character waking up in that room after being alpha’d was creepy. Whats your creeptastic fear or moment?
Voodoo. Always been. Always be. Terrified.
Besides San Antonio, what’s your other favorite city in Texas, Ms. Glau?
Whats your favorite animal?
What is your favorite sport game?
Your best Halloween Trick and your all-time three favorite costumes you’ve worn or created.
We did fall festival growing up not Halloween. This is tough for me.
Hi. I remember you said you wanted to read more classics. As an aspiring writer, I'm curious what are your fav stories/authors?
My favorite book is East of Eden.
Hi Miss. Glau. Which would you be: Vampire, werewolf or zombie and why?
Vampire. Best clothes.
I read that you have a dog. How is he going? what is he like?
He's napping through the episode. He's an angel dog.
As a yogi myself and a loyal fan of yours I must ask can you do the “firefly” pose?
I don’t even know that pose.
What is your favorite sci-fi show?
Of all time it’s got to be Star Trek the Next Generation.
What's your favorite meal to eat while on set, and off set?
Taco Bell (on and off set).
Summer, scariest movie ever?
The last scary movie I watched was I Am Legend. To me that was scary.
Summer! Who's your celebrity crush?
Nervous laughter...I'm still crying. That was traumatic.
Summer, do you play any instruments?
no :(
Summer, are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K)
I don't know that is.
A perfect day for you?
[not answered]

Thanks to all the participants to this live chat with Summer on Twitter. Hope everyone enjoyed it. On a side note, Syfy mentioned later that they had to end the @AlphasSyfy chat early because they reached their tweet limit.

Feel free to mention in the comment section if you recognize one of your questions and give us your appreciation of Summer's answer.


Side note : A Summer Glau fan and one of our dear friend, in this site and on Twitter, suffers from a cruel disease. Some of her friend, led by Ogy86, thought it would be a good idea if Summer could tweet a few words of encouragement and forwarded a request to @Alphassyfy earlier in the day.
It seems Summer Glau was  sensible to their demand since the Alphas account tweeted the following message, shortly before the Q & A. I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise for Karen.
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Summer Glau on Twitter?

Alphas - Summer Glau and Azita Guanizada

Alphas's Azita Ghanizada just tweeted that Summer Glau may live tweet via the official Twitter account for Alphas, @AlphasSyfy, during the season finale on Monday 22 October at 8pm.
I would like to remind everyone that Summer Glau has no social network account such as Facebook or Twitter; if she decides to have one, it should be her own choice and not other people trying to force her to do so.
Here's @AzitaGhanizada tweet, who had yoga class with Summer earlier in the day :



Alphas - Summer Glau on Twitter?

Don't forget to watch Alphas season finale 'God's Eye' next Monday at 8/7c on Syfy and follow @AlphasSyfy tweets at the same time.
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The final result of the Summer Glau Wiki 2012 calendar

We proudly present the final result of the Summer Glau Wiki 2012 Calendar.

This project was started 18 march by michelangelo. He thought that it could be done in two months with the help of the devoted members of this wiki, but I don’t think anyone of us anticipated that the end result would look this good:





Click on the graphics to view larger size



Many skills have been acquired and enhanced during the project.

The designs for this calendar was created by Fermi, michelangelo, Futurezone, Mr.Mogwai and Charley_dixon.

We also want to thank Granite and Devo that participated in this project with many helpful comments and suggestions.

The calendar will be printed and one copy will also be sent to Summer.


 [ Gallery album ]




The Summer Glau Wiki received many requests from fans who wanted to know how to get their own examplary of the Calendar.

Here is the process to print the calendar using a printing-house:

1) Add all pictures in this album: 2012 Calendar to your favorites and download your favorites as a zip-file.
A pdf file is often requested by printing shops.

2) technical features :
Digital printing : laser color, 13 pages A4 format printed on matted coated paper 250 g from PDF file
Finishing : metal binding + notch and calendar hook

If you connect to the website of a printing-house, you may not find the exact requested features; in this case see if the website offers the possibility to make a personalized order. They will return a mail with a personalized quote that you can accept and thus initiate the manufacture of the calendar.

We would recommend professional prints if possible,. The manufacture of the calendar can be made by any printing-house around the corner (try near universities), all you have to do is provide the pdf file in a USB key.

You can also do the prints at home and have the binding done on a printing-house for very cheap. Try to match as much as possible the technical specifications we gave above; using regular paper for example would not give satisfying result.

If someone has additional question feel free to ask.



Here is the tribute video for the calendar.

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