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Summer Glau new short film 'Inside the Box'

Summer Glau is currently filming a short film titled 'Inside the Box', written and directed by David Martín-Porras and produced by LA PANDA productions. 
'Inside the Box' is more than a short film, it serves as a small taste of David Martin-Porras’s reach and talent, as he will also direct “A Texas Story,” a feature-length film that will take-on HIV criminalization, as do the short.
The short was financed by crowd funding but you can still support it by spreading the word about it or by doing donations to help them rise the funds they need for the post-productions costs and more.
The producers send us nice words on Summer Glau's involvement in 'Inside the Box' :
"We have to say that Summer is very lovely, and she is more than a great
actress, she is very excited with the project and the role. I'm sure you
will find a very different Summer from the Sci-Fi TV Shows :)"
Here's  a link to download a PDF file explaining how to donate money to 'Inside the Box' : PDF
You can also help the movie by spreading the word about it via Facebook or Twitter or simply by advertising this page. Please share this with your friends and your allies.
Here are a few words from the production team :
It’s Not Just About the Film
As you know if you’ve watched the video, there are some crazy laws out there that discriminate against HIV positive individuals.
We strongly believe in the power of story to fight social injustice, and we will use Inside the Box and its extended version, the feature A Texas Story, to compel change in regulations that criminalize HIV.
We have reached out to organizations that share our agenda, and will continue to do so as we move into production, post-production and the release of the film.

Inside the Box Rewards

11 Nov 2012
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 20 Nov 2012, 14:41 GMT [Entry]

For your information, I have just paid £50 to the cause through PayPal. I couldn’t pay more because I have been vandalised and robbed. I thought I would have money left over from my move from Scotland.. but no.
I’m not sure what the currency conversion is but I think it is worth it help Summer get recognition. The youtube video which features the Director, David and his colleagues is very impressive. The laws that they want to see changed/modified could quite easily apply to most of the population in one respect or the other.
For instance, (This is true), My great grandmother never knew she had a dominant PKD gene which would vastly reduce her life-span. This was passed on to her daughter, her son and then on to me. I am now stage 4 going on 5, which means that I should have died ages ago, if I was born in 1930. After marrying, I found out years later that I had PKD. I feared that I passed this on to my daughters. Recent blood test shows that she does not have it, which is a relief. My other daughter is yet to get herself tested because she has to wait until she is 30.
Nowdays, it is quite possible to get a health check on the entire nation.
Perhaps Texas (and other States) should outlaw people whose parents have heart attacks. Or perhaps many other illnesses, such as those who become alcoholics, drug addicts or even worse…. smoke in their family home.
I know this is not the same as HIV but the film is trying to point out that most responsible people do not spread their HIV disease. The people making the film seem to be very nice people. They work hard and David has been to UCLA before studying for other aspects of film making.
Go on guys, part with your money and see your name in the credits. It will be your legacy for all time.

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