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Help for the Holidays is Hallmark Channel’s most watched original movie of the year

Added by chrisdvanne on Dec 12, 2012 | 9 COMMENTS

Help for the Holidays Poster

Hallmark Channel published via press release the ratings for their original Christmas movie for last Saturday and Sunday, respectively the highly anticipated and advertised 'Come Dance with Me ' and Summer Glau's 'Help for the Holidays'.
'Help for the Holidays' was the #1 program of Sunday and #1 cable movie of the week, scoring a 3.0 Household rating and over 5.6 million unduplicated viewers, making it Hallmark’s most watched original movie of the year.
'Come Dance with Me' was the #1 program of Saturday and #2 cable movie of the week, scoring a 2.7 household rating and nearly 4.8 million unduplicated viewers.
“Help for the Holidays” was the #1 cable program of Sunday and the #1 cable movie of the week. Among the core demographic of W25-54 rating, “Help for the Holidays” ranked as the #2 cable movie and the #5 telecast of the Sunday in addition to the #3 cable movie of the week. In the Sun 8-10p time period, the movie placed in the top 5 for HH and key demo ratings, including #1 in HH (3.0 rtg), #1 in P2+ (1.7 rtg), #2 in W25-54 (1.8 rtg), #2 in A25-54 (1.3 rtg), and #3 in W18-49 (1.3 rtg). In household and total viewer impressions, “Help for the Holidays” delivered #1 in HH (2,617,000), #1 in P2+ (3,639,000), #3 in W25-54 (828,000), and #3 in A25-54 (1,189,000). The Sunday premiere of “Help for the Holidays” boosted Hallmark Channel to be the #1 rated cable network in prime time among households (2.7 HH rtg) and the #1 rated cable network for day among households (1.5 rtg), W25-54 (.8 rtg), and A25-54 (.7 rtg). The film now claims the distinction as Hallmark Channel’s most watched original movie of the year among W25-54, A25-54, and total viewers, and the 2nd highest-rated original movie of the year among households.
Source : Hallmark Channel
Hallmark has been successful with their original holiday movies "Countdown to Christmas" (12 new movies in all) as a whole from week to week (check out in the Blog the compared ratings for all the original Christmas movies). However, learning that Summer Glau's Christmas movie performed so well is awesome and calls for a sequel to 'Help for the Holidays', don't you think?

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Total comments: 9

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Dec 12, 02:15 GMT

Well done Summer Glau fans!
I'm proud that the Summer Glau Wiki, as well as all the fansites and so many fans actively contributed to advertise the movie smile

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Dec 12, 02:31 GMT

I have mentioned in the forum that Hallmark didn't advertise 'Help for the Holidays' at all until two days before the premiere.
And even there, the Saturday original movie 'Come Dance with Me' received most of the advertising; first place on the widgets at Hallmark website, regular tweets on the male lead, numerous promo photos on Facebook long before the premiere, promo photo on the official calendar for the new original movie against none for 'Help...', i could multiply the examples over and over.
I also mentioned that completely ignoring the romance between Christine and uncle Dave in the synopsis, teaser trailer and behind the scenes videos was a mistake IMO.

Seeing how well Summer Glau's movie performed despite the lack of advertising is great biggrin :D

  Message #3 | Alex | 2012 Dec 12, 21:53 GMT

Yes, this is great news and thanks for posting it Chris. I have a hunch that your efforts and the efforts of others on this site and other social media certainly created a buzz that attracted people. So when do you submit your fee to the Hallmark marketing people? wink

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Dec 12, 22:09 GMT

They may not like me very much after the message i send to the person in charge of the publicity at Hallmark wink

  Message #5 | Choupy | 2012 Dec 12, 23:02 GMT

Thank you for posting.
Alex has all summary, this is great news !!!.


  Message #6 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Dec 13, 22:36 GMT

While i thought the movie had potential, i would never have thought that it would rank #1 in terms of viewers for the original 2012 movies at Hallmark.

I guess Hallmark's marketing department is observing the numbers very closely in order to see what happened here.

  Message #7 | TerminatorEmily | 2012 Dec 14, 00:07 GMT

Woohoo! congrats to...the movie smile

  Message #8 | Xanthor | 2012 Dec 22, 04:09 GMT

Do you know if the movie will be released on DVD/blu-ray? Would love a copy, but so far no searches lead a positive outcome.

  Message #9 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Dec 22, 09:13 GMT

While we don't have official informations, the movie will probably be available on DVD and on VOD but Hallmark doesn't usually release a blu-ray.
We'll kep you informed as soon as we have further informations.

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