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Help for the Holidays - Interview

Help for the Holidays - Interview
Help for the Holidays - Interview

Summer Glau talks about her Christmas movie 'Help for the Holidays' and shares her fond family memories during Christmas time for the Houston Chronicle.

'Help for the Holidays' premieres on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, December 9 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

Here are excerpts from this interview breathing Christmas spirit, "joie de vivre" and German pastry :

"My character does this special magic trick," Glau said in a phone chat from Los Angeles. "She pulls candy canes out from behind people's ears all the time. I had to work on it quite a bit. I don't have natural talent for magic, so it was actually harder than doing stunts. But I did eventually get it."

Glau said one of her own wishes was granted when she was cast. "I've always wanted to do a Hallmark movie," she said. "My family loves these movies."
The winter tale was actually shot in California's Simi Valley in "really hot weather, 110 degrees," she says, adding that it still "felt so much like Christmas."
And Christmas has always been an important time for the Glau family - from her childhood in San Antonio to now, at the age of 31.
This December, she looks forward to spending the holiday with her parents and two sisters at her second home in Boerne. "It's a great Christmas house," she says. "We always play croquet in the courtyard."
Her family enjoys loads of other special traditions. One is making a German pastry called stollen. For 15 years, Glau, who describes herself as "a terrible baker," was responsible for the Christmas treat. But once her baby sister, Kaitlin, was old enough, "I passed the torch to her," she said. "Now the stollen is perfect every Christmas morning!"
That doesn't mean she's done with her holiday obligations.
"I'm so excited," she said. "My sister Christie and I are in charge of lights on the tree and we're very particular." While working on the tree, "we always play a videocassette of all our favorite Christmas cartoons," she said. Her favorite? "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
On Christmas, guests are amazed, she said, at "how slowly we open gifts. We take hours and hours. We hug each other after each gift is opened." This is accompanied by Christmas songs from Bing Crosby. Her dad doesn't like them, Glau said, but "I think Bing does the best carols."
"Christmas is all about loved ones," Glau said, "and people should take time out to really celebrate their family."
Watch more HQ promo pictures for 'Help for the Holidays' in the Gallery.


20 Nov 2012
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2012, 14:13 GMT [Entry]

German fans of Summer Glau are in for a treat in Summer Glau's latest interview; first there was Summer as an Elf wearing a Dirndl (see forum post #44) and now the German traditions smile

  Message #2 | TerminatorEmily | 20 Nov 2012, 14:35 GMT [Entry]

Magic candy canes tongue

  Message #3 | Alex | 20 Nov 2012, 16:56 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for posting this. It is always interesting to read these little details of Summer's life. I would never pry into her personal life but these details help to paint a bigger picture of who she is and what she brings to her work as an actress. Her recent comment in the SciFi channel clip about how she just "imagined" what River's backstory was is another indication of how highly insightful and perceptive she is about people's feelings and their motives. While it may sound really simple, there is actually a lot going on in the way she does what she does.

I get the sense that most of the people who work in the film and TV industry bring a lot of "emotional intelligence" to their craft. By way of example, if you had a mathematician at a conference explaining something, it might be enough for this person to just start writing out a series of equations on a blackboard. No words need be spoken. They have their own language and very few words are required. They all have a high degree of that particular "literacy."

Likewise, on a film set or at a table read, these highly perceptive and smart people would appear to work in a very clear, simple way but what they are really doing is processing all sorts of stuff about a character and picking up very subtle clues from the others they are working with. They all share a particular literacy and they can process a lot of things that to the observer would never be apparent. Let's put it this way: for Summer (or any good actor) to portray emotionally real and interesting characters, there must be a whole lot of talent and ability that she brings to the table. She is an amazing talent.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2012, 18:12 GMT [Entry]

'Help for the Holidays' is a romantic comedy, aka the most successful Holiday movies category for The Hallmark Channel.
I hope the movie will be a huge success for the channel; watch it with your family!

Sorry Alex, no swords, no trolls...only candy canes biggrin

  Message #5 | Alex | 21 Nov 2012, 01:49 GMT [Entry]

Trolls, swords - it must be a repressed desire for Knights of Badassdom that motivates me. sad

Actually, if this is a new direction for Summer, along with playing a mother and other more subtle yet no less interesting roles, then so be it. The world needs more Summer Glau. smile

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Nov 2012, 17:51 GMT [Entry]

Stollen for everyone!!

Thanks to @Sammy9578 for the pics

  Message #7 | TerminatorEmily | 21 Nov 2012, 22:27 GMT [Entry]

Mmmm yum. And yes the world does need Summer Glau you never know we may see her in "The Hunger Games" Maybe...but i doubt it...But the world need more Summer!
And no not the season biggrin

  Message #8 | robbo | 22 Nov 2012, 02:34 GMT [Entry]

that cake looks rather yummy, i think i feel hungry now looking at that stollen, with a nice bit of pour cream. sorry forgot to mention summer glau, to busy looking at the stollen, yes i totally agree we need more summer, preferably all the year round, and not just the seasons, now where was i err stollen sorry just joking, smile

  Message #9 | KevinInEngland | 24 Nov 2012, 01:44 GMT [Entry]

Nice stollen for Summy's Tummy.

  Message #10 | The1Russter | 30 Nov 2012, 17:42 GMT [Entry]

When I was a child, our whole house would be decorated as our entire extended family would come over Christmas Eve for a big gathering. For weeks the whole house would be filled with the most wonderful smells as my mom would bake items for Christmas and the gathering. Christmas morning would be all about our own family, as me, my sister, mom and dad would open gifts. I chuckle when I read that Summer said her family takes forever to open gifts. She said because they hugged each other after each gift. In our house it was because we had to save the paper! We were so poor that every time there was gift of any significant size, we had to carefully cut the tape. Aaarrggh! When you are really little you just want to rip it off! I still do! but the habit is so ingrained – I’m ashamed to say – I even cut the tape on paper I’m throwing out. lol

Traditions are fun. In our house growing up my mom did the baking and I always helped. I enjoyed it, still do. It just takes me longer now and I don’t do as much. We always put the tree up and decorated Thanksgiving weekend. My dad used to work for the post office and that would be his only chance to see the decorations until Christmas Eve. We’d all decorate the tree, and Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Perry Como and others would sing Christmas Carols off our old 33 1/3 Records from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. We’d always watch the Christmas specials, Charlie Brown and the Grinch, and whichever movie version of the Christmas Carol was being shown that season. Does anyone remember the animated Christmas Carol? I haven’t seen it since the early 80′s. Marley’s ghost used to scare me in that when I was little.

Traditions changed over the years. We don’t do the same things as we used to do. We moved a couple of times, age, deaths in the family and changing finances contribute to that. But the one thing that always remains and can never change, the reason we celebrate Christmas, and our family. Nothing changes that.

God Bless all of you, and Merry Christmas

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