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Help for the Holidays - On Set Photo (Spoilers)

Summer Glau is currently filming a Christmas movie for the US channel Hallmark in which she plays an elf. The film's title is 'Help for the Holidays' and it co-stars Eva LaRue (CSI Miami). 

Makeup artist Michael Spezzano posted a photo that shows Summer Glau's pointy ears which as we know any good elf should have. We don't know what magical elf powers she will have.


More infos/gossip on the filming, including a glimpse of Summer's elf costume :

Warning: even though we have on set pictures, it does not necessarily mean that the costume or makeup you see here will be what you will see on screen. The director could always choose another option.

Thanks to @thelexy for the heads up

Alex and I teamed up to write this news.

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Summer's role in 'Help for the Holidays'

We learned earlier today that Summer Glau is filming for US channel Hallmark a new Christmas movie titled 'Help for the Holidays', co-starring Eva LaRue and Scotty Spicks Jr. (see photos below).

Warning : spoilers after the photo!!

Check previous News : Scotty Spicks Jr onset with Summer Glau.


Eva Maria LaRue and Scotty Spicks Jr in 'Helping for the Holidays'

Here's a short synopsys for  'Help for the Holidays', revealing Summer Glau's role :
Eva LaRue play an overly busy mom with no Christmas spirit, and Summer Glau plays an elf that saves LaRue's family!


Source : Eva LaRue official Twitter account.
We hope we will be able to give you more informations in the following days.


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Scotty Spicks Jr on set with Summer Glau

Scotty Spicks Jr on set with Summer Glau

Scotty Spicks Jr a young ambicious actor shooting for the stars posted a picture of him and Summer on set. We have no official word on what movie the picture is taken from, but Scotty earlier tweeted that he is in Simi Valley working on the film "Help for the Holidays" This movie is made for US channel Hallmark.

Apperently Eva Maria LaRue best known as Doctor Maria Santos on All My Children will also be in this movie. A couple of days ago she tweeted this message on her official account :


Just wrapped my first day of shooting a new Christmas movie, for the Hallmark Channel, "Help for the holidays." So sweet! Really fun!


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