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Jon-Paul's heartwarming convention experiences with Summer

Summer is not just a talented actress, she's is also a classy lady who appreciates her fans as much as they appreciate her as a result. The heartwarming story of Jon-Paul's convention experiences with Summer - as well as the beautiful photo ops with her from various conventions he attended over the years - is a new demonstration of it.

Check out the photos of Jon-Paul and Summer Glau from this year and a few years ago! Notice that Summer autographed the brown Firefly t-shirt Jon-Paul is wearing in the 4th picture.

Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at StarFest 2010Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2015Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at StarFest 2010Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at Awesome Con 2016Jon-Paul posing with Summer Glau at Awesome Con 2016

In the account that Jon-Paul kindly send us, he starts by talking about how he first became aware of Summer, and then shares some heartwarming memories from various conventions. Enjoy!



Most people are familiar with Summer Glau from Firefly or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In my case, though the very first thing I saw Summer in was the 4400.

Although she had a relatively small role in that show, for me, she stole all the episodes she was in. There was just a gentle warmness about the character that I really liked, plus, it was just really cool that she could control people with her mind.
As much as I enjoyed the character, I didn't look into any of Summer's other roles.

Until a few years later, I was flipping through channels and just happened to catch Summer dancing in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode Demon's Hand. I was transfixed. She was just so beautiful, graceful - from that moment on I was completely hooked. I went and watched every single thing she had been in up to that point.

Needless to say after falling head over heels into Summer Glau fandom, I really wanted to meet her in person someday.

I chose Star Fest convention 2010 in Denver, because at the time it was the convention that she was going to that was closest to where I lived.
It was still a bit of a trip, an requiring airplane ride of several hours however, it was totally worth it. As you will see, now that I've gotten to the part of the story you all actually care about -  my experiences with Summer.

One note before we begin, however I apologize for not being able to go into great detail about most of our conversations as you will learn if you read on, being around beautiful women tends to turn my brain off.
Especially so with Summer. It sounds cliché to say this, but she really is more beautiful in person.
I mean, anyone who's seen her in pictures and on TV, knows, she is gorgeous, but she has a certain intangible something that gets lost in translation.
Anyway, on with the story.

Of all the times I've met Summer, I think the first time was my favorite. When I went up to her to get a picture taken with her, she actually tried to have a short conversation with me, but I was just so dumbstruck, it basically consisted of Summer trying to talk to me, and me responding in as few words as possible.

Later that same day I went to get the picture that she had taken with me, signed. I'd been racking my brain trying to come up with something for her to write that would be original.
But I just couldn't come up with anything, plus I'd been so dumbstruck, earlier that day, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get anything out, even if I could come up with something I wanted her to write.
Which is incredibly ironic, considering what happened when I got to the front of the line and she asked me what I wanted her to write. 
I responded. Can't think of anything right now, my IQ drops directly in proportion to the attractiveness of the woman that I'm speaking to, so right now I'm basically operating on the level of a potted plant, it really is miraculous that I am talking at all, so you can write whatever you want. She laughed and actually blushed a little, which was super cute!

To this day I still don't know where that statement came from or how I got it out in front of Summer. I was a little upset with myself for not being able to talk to Summer except for that one statement, but fortunately for me, she started attending Wizard World in Philly, which was much closer to where I live.

The second time [Editor's note: Philadelphia Comic Con 2013] she recognized me, we talked about musicals that we like and different places that Summer liked in Philadelphia.

The third time [Editor's note: Philadelphia Comic Con 2015] was interesting. She recognized me right away, and when we were finished with the photo op she invited me to come by her autograph table and chat for a minute later that day, which I of course did. We talked about the Rocky movies, because Summer had mentioned in a previous panel that she likes them. She briefly mentioned her husband's proposal, because I mentioned that my brother had proposed to his wife on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Again, I apologize for not being able to recall things in a huge amount of detail, but even though I'm getting better, being around Summer still causes a stupefying effect.

The most recent time [Editor's note: Awesome Con 2016], I was in the front row of one of her panels and I wasn't sure, but I could have sworn that she noticed me, and waved to me.

I thought I was imagining things, and she was just waving to the crowd in general, but I waved back just in case.
It turns out I wasn't imagining things, because when her panel was over, as I was about to exit Summer said, "Hi Jon Paul, how are you?"

She asked how my parents were. At one of the conventions my parents came with me. They randomly bumped into Summer and spoke with her for several minutes. It might  have been wishful thinking on my part, but I felt like she would've talked to me for a minute or two, sadly, I really had to use the bathroom,  so I excused myself, and said that I would see her later that day.

When I showed up to get a picture with summer, she asked me how I'd been, and what I'd been up to. I mentioned  the fact that I'd applied to several jobs, and that I spend time writing fiction, but that it wasn't any good. I said, the phrase, don't quit your day job would definitely apply if I had a day job. She laughed and smiled. It was adorable.

Finally I just want to say that Summer is an amazingly talented and wonderful person. I'm incredibly grateful to her for sparing the time to have brief conversations with me. She's truly beautiful inside and out. I also just want to say how grateful I am for my family. My encounters with Summer have been some of the best experiences of my life, and they would not have been possible without assistance from family. You're the best. I love you all!



My turn to thank Jon-Paul.  As I was taking a look at Jon-Paul's photos with Summer to put one on top of this news, tears came to my eyes. Not because of his condition, but because of the admirable lesson of courage, dignity and positiveness he gives us. You're the best, Jon-Paul. We love you too!


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20 Jun 2016
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 20 Jun 2016, 21:49 GMT

Jon-Paul you made me chuckle when you said you was completely hooked.  She was indeed good in The 4400. My first experience of Summer, or more precisely what made me remember her, was when she was filling up the truck with gas/fuel in the pilot episode of TSCC.

It's interesting that your name is Jon Paul because I bought this coin recently.  It is worth a lot of money:

Anyway, I digress.
It's great that you could go and see her.  I had the opportunity but was not really up to it for the London ComicCon.
Perhaps I'm too old to go and see her.  I might prefer to meet her mum.  She is a very nice and clever person.

Great photos by the way.  A lovely lady on your arm.  Only rich men can afford that.

  Message #2 | Admirator | 21 Jun 2016, 18:16 GMT

Nice story from Jon Paul  smile ! She was good in the 4400 indeed, you could say she is still, the Queen.. of our interest smile ! I like that, all these stories confirm, that  Summer is a great personality, from any point of view. Jon's sentence: "Can't think of anything right now.... so you can write whatever you want.", is really great and by saying it, he just canceled immediately, every theoretical shyness he may had wink . Wish to Jon Paul, to be able to see and talk to her a lot more happy times smile !

  Message #3 | robbo | 22 Jun 2016, 01:11 GMT

A wonderful and very moving story from Jon-Paul, true friends are like diamonds precious and rare and that's what Jon-Paul found when he first clapped eyes on Summer. And they'll always be friends forever  smile

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart and no beauty shines brighter than that of Summer Glau! smile

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