Hawaii Five-0 - Info on Summer's role

Informations on Summer Glau's guest starring role on Hawaii Five-0 have been published at TVLine.

Summer Glau will play a woman involved with an underground fighting ring who also happens to be searching for the person who murdered her father. 
Her episode is tentatively set to air this spring.
Summer Glau's character punchy background explains the photo with guest stars Joel de la Fuente and Summer Glau , martial artist Keith Jardine and his stunt team on the set of Hawaii Five-0, published recently by H50 director and stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente.
On Set
We don't know yet if Summer's character will be in any fights, but it's certainly a possibility.
Hawaii Five-0 is currently in its third season on CBS. New episodes air on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. 
22 Jan 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 22 Jan 2013, 00:31 GMT [Entry]

The new informations on Summer Glau's role on H50 sound like a lot of tough breaks, which usually makes the better episodes on TV.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 22 Jan 2013, 00:38 GMT [Entry]

I'm very glad that Summer Glau is landing roles in non science fiction tv shows.
It's true that she has build her reputation in iconic roles in sci-fi series such as Firefly or Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles, or her recent recurring role on Alphas. However, she's a multi-faceted actress who has proven in the past that she can play a multitude of ages and she's a talented actress who deserves recognition outside of the sci-fi niche.

  Message #3 | robbo | 22 Jan 2013, 03:04 GMT [Entry]

very pleased for summer glau grabbing the chance to venture outside the sc-fi field, her reputation deserves the chance in non sc-fi shows. she will always be remembered for her sc-fi roles, but i think sadly them days maybe behind her now. but its not a problem when it comes to acting she justs multi tasks with ease, what more can i say brilliant actress oozes class,

  Message #4 | TerminatorEmily | 22 Jan 2013, 04:31 GMT [Entry]

This sounds promising. Like all of you have said and what I will say too, I'm glad that Summer has decided to step out of her comfort zone with the sci-fi and move on to other stuff as in "Help for the holidays" or "Inside the box". Not that I don't like her work in sci-fi I'm just saying it's good that she's doing this, that way she can prove to other directors that she can do multiple genres and characters, might even get her in a period film like she wants! wink

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 22 Jan 2013, 10:18 GMT [Entry]

Most comments from Hawaii Five- 0 fans are like this: "Who is Summer Glau ? Never heard of her before in my life. Is she a known celebrity?"

I bet that will change in a few weeks :-)

  Message #6 | TerminatorEmily | 22 Jan 2013, 14:31 GMT [Entry]

Let's hope so. smile

  Message #7 | Alex | 24 Jan 2013, 22:04 GMT [Entry]

This sounds interesting. Summer's role involves investigation and she will probably, at some point, have to reveal her intentions to the police. We will also get to see an action sequence in which Summer beats up the entire population of Hawaii.

I hope this new audience gets a real taste for her talent. I will be looking for any references to Terminator or Firefly/Serenity.

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jan 2013, 23:20 GMT [Entry]

The underground fighting ring episode is a classic in television shows; i remember having seen one in Dark Angel, Smallville, Chuck or more recently in Alphas (with Kat and Bill).

I don't know if H50 is used to making references to former gigs of their guest stars. But i guess it can be checked easely, considering the guest line up of the first part of the season.

  Message #9 | 44sunsets | 25 Jan 2013, 12:28 GMT [Entry]

This is probably old news, but I just noticed that Todd Stashwick (The T-888 known as Myron Stark from TSCC S02E11) appears in Hawaii Five-0 S03E03. So that's 4 TSCC alumni now who have appeared on the show. I hope they can have a mini-reunion or something biggrin

And this sounds strange, but my mum recognises Summer as "that girl who was on The Big Bang Theory" -- she's never heard of Firefly or TSCC o_O

  Message #10 | chrisdvanne_ | 25 Jan 2013, 15:28 GMT [Entry]

And this sounds strange, but my mum recognises Summer as "that girl who was on The Big Bang Theory" -- she's never heard of Firefly or TSCC o_O

That's great! It means that Summer is getting more exposure outside the sci-fi niche. Your mom, as well as all Australian or American moms, will be Summer's tv viewers once she'll land a role on a mainstream non-sci-fi tv show.
Now i suggest you show your father a few photoshoots with Summer wink

  Message #11 | Alex | 25 Jan 2013, 16:42 GMT [Entry]

We get a lot of reruns of BBT here in Toronto and I have to say that the episode that I see the most is Summer's episode. I think that there is an underground movement to promote this gal. And this is a good thing. The world needs more Summer, especially in this miserable Canadian winter.

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