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Happy Birthday, Summer Glau!

Added by chrisdvanne on Jul 24, 2014 | 7 COMMENTS

Like a fine wine, Summer Glau just gets better with age. The San Antonio native turns 33 today - and the beautiful and talented actress has plenty to celebrate.
The long awaited LARP-based comedy horror film Knights of Badassdom has finally being released, and has gained cult status. Summer has also joined The CW's hit superhero drama Arrow" Season 2 in the recurring role of Isabel Rochev. She has won the Best Actress award for her performance in David Martin Porras drama short "Inside the Box" at a Spanish short film festival.
And of course she plays the female lead in Crackle's upcoming "Sequestered", premiering on August 5, 2014. It's an exciting time for Summer Glau, who is trying to move into the next phase of acting career. This role in a legal drama brings her to a new audience and is a good opportunity to show Hollywood execs she can do more than the usual sci-fi stuff she does.
We wish Summer Glau a wonderful Birthday. And as a gift to the fans, here are two fan made videos starring the Birthday Girl.



Sit back, take in the awesomeness and send in your best birthday wishes to Summer Glau now!

Don't miss the premiere of "Sequestered" on Tuesday, August 5 on Crackle to see what kind of drama awaits Summer Glau and the rest of the jury in this exciting thriller.

Like our Facebook fan page below to stay connected to the latest Summer Glau news!

Total comments: 7

  Message #1 | Charley_Dixon | 2014 Jul 24, 06:07 GMT

Happy Birthday Summer!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2014 Jul 24, 08:40 GMT

Happy Birthday Summer!
I absolutely love watching this Texas gal in any show or film that she’ in. She always brings another dimension into her characters. I first noticed her in the role of Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and she immediately became for favorite actress. She's fantastic and convincing in any role!

I hope you have a fantastic day, full of laughter and love!

  Message #3 | Fermi | 2014 Jul 24, 10:32 GMT

Happy Birthday Summer!

  Message #4 | Frank | 2014 Jul 24, 11:46 GMT

Happy Birthday Summer! Happy Birthday my lodestar!

  Message #5 | Fox012 | 2014 Jul 24, 12:12 GMT

Happy Birthday to Summer =)

  Message #6 | PurpleHayes | 2014 Jul 24, 16:27 GMT

Happy birthday Summer! Wishing you a super day and success in your aspirations and future roles! Stay awesome!

  Message #7 | The1Russter | 2014 Jul 24, 22:34 GMT

Happy Birthday Summer Glau!

You stole our hearts and earned our respect & love.

May you be richly blessed throughout your life.

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