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Happy Birthday Summer!

Happy Birthday Summer! Photoshoot by Theo & Juliet
Happy Birthday Summer! Photoshoot by Theo & Juliet

Today is July 24th, which means Summer just turned 38. Please join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to the woman who has inspired us all in meaningful ways by her hard work, perseverance and staying true to herself. May this special day be filled with happiness and joy with Val and your little daughters and may the sun always shine on you.


Don't forget that Summer will be back on our screens in Netflix's martial arts series Wu Assassins, available worldwide on August 8th on the streaming service.

24 Jul 2019
Total comments: 4
  Message #1 | Admirator | 24 Jul 2019, 09:06 GMT

Happy Birthday to favorite actress Summer Glau & all the good wishes smile !

  Message #2 | danlandon76 | 24 Jul 2019, 16:35 GMT

Happy Birthday!

  Message #3 | kosart777 | 24 Jul 2019, 17:48 GMT

Happy birthday summer! I sincerely wish you happiness, luck, success, new wonderful roles and achievements! Although I learned about you not so long ago, just a couple of months ago, and I was amazed by your beauty, and a bright role in the terminator! And I felt so young and in love with you, John Connor! I also want to wish on this beautiful, hot summer day that you were given warmth not only hot, summer sun, but above all your family Val and your two little beautiful daughters!

  Message #4 | kosart777 | 24 Jul 2019, 18:15 GMT

I'm sorry for the small letter Summer.

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