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Happy Birthday Summer!!

Today is Summer's 35th birthday and we want to wish a “Happy Birthday” to the girl who’s smile can heal a sad heart, who’s dancing can sing a song of movement for you to enjoy, and who’s acting tells a story you can’t turn away from or ever forget. 

Happy birthday Summer! May your day be filled with happiness and joy with your whole family and may the sun always shine on you, like the sun in your heart.

And now have fun, make a wish and blow out the candle of this (fat free) virtual birthday cake.



And since we love doing silly things here, enjoy this lil' animation video starring Summer and her husband Val as zombie-slaying heroes. A great way to say, “I hope your birthday kicks butt!”

Any resemblance of this video's characters with pre-existing fictional characters from a space western Whedon tv show is (not) purely fortuitous ;-)


You can read birthday wishes from fans and post yours under this news or at: Happy Birthday wishes to Summer.

Top banner by Twitter user @MusaPayzulaev.

24 Jul 2016Category: summer glau |
Total comments: 4
  Message #1 | gabriel colson | 24 Jul 2016, 11:30 GMT

I hope you have fun at your birthday you're a great actress you made ​​me smile every time I see on the screen and you are really nice in reality the exact opposite of your characters you played and that's awesome and you are really cute I wish you a wonderful birthday in case you remember I 'm the guy who asked you when you will reappear in Arrow to the facts in Belgium have a good day

  Message #2 | Admirator | 24 Jul 2016, 12:03 GMT

Summer smile , i read all these lovely wishes of co-fans/friends and i become even more convinced, that you are one of the loveliest persons in the Verse smile . Thank you for awakening all these noble feelings in all of us and for your joyful work!
Happy birthday sweet Summer and many years of God derived, happiness, joy, love and health, to you, your family and everyone that you love smile !

  Message #3 | Cammy | 24 Jul 2016, 12:18 GMT

Now it's finally the 24th of July! I'll drink one to that  tongue
Happy birthday Summer and best wishes to you, your family and friends.

  Message #4 | robbo | 25 Jul 2016, 01:06 GMT

The sun is shining more brightly today Summer as a way to wish you a Happy Birthday!
Be happy! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you.

Summer you are a wonderful person. May you be given more birthdays to fulfill all of your dreams, and lets hope all of your birthday wishes come true  smile

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