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GQ Photo shoot update

Summer Glau GQ Photo shoot update
Summer Glau GQ Photo shoot update

First, make sure there's nothing your jaw will hit when it drops. Because you guys asked for the HQ photos from Summer's photo shoot for GQ from 2008, and well, here they are! We had these absolutely gorgeous photos in medium quality in the gallery before but we can now appreciate Summer's beauty in high quality. What are you waiting for? Take a look.

Summer Glau photo shoot for GQySummer Glau photo shoot for GQy


26 Jan 2017
Total comments: 8
  Message #1 | Maldwyn Dobbs | 27 Jan 2017, 01:18 GMT

Summer Glau is a really lovely young woman, she was magnificent in Firefly. And now we see she is fantastic as a photography subject. Looking very good.

  Message #2 | RedsBaron | 27 Jan 2017, 15:09 GMT

All of us hit certain "peaks" in our life. Summer is still a lovely lady but she may have hit the peak of her loveliness around 2008.

  Message #3 | ec039 | 27 Jan 2017, 16:23 GMT

Great job as always, dear Chris!

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 27 Jan 2017, 23:25 GMT

I wish we had more shots from this photo session.

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 27 Jan 2017, 23:27 GMT

Her good looks in TSCC is not necessarily what attracted me to her character Cameron...although it can't hurt  wink

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 27 Jan 2017, 23:28 GMT

Thank you, I appreciate you took the time to post a comment  smile

  Message #7 | Александр XF | 10 Feb 2017, 22:55 GMT

Она красивее И мелее всех на свете Sammer

She is beautiful and nicer than anyone in the world Summer

  Message #8 | Александр XF | 16 Feb 2017, 16:41 GMT


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