Gallery update: SFX March 2005, issue 128 - HQ Scans

HQ scans has been added to the gallery. SFX Magazine published in its march 2005 issue an interview of Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin and Summer Glau, illustrated with exclusive pictures. They discuss Firefly and upcoming (at the time) movie Serenity.

The scans includes: Four pages article and three HQ pictures of the photoshoot.


SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005

SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005

Two snippets from the magazine and the magazine cover.

SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005SFX #128 - March 2005
Chrisdvanne made the scans.
14 Jan 2012
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  Message #1 | Blazius | 17 Jan 2012, 16:52 GMT [Entry]

Maybe she borrowed some concepts. Or it also happens sometimes that you make up similar concepts found in philosophies and religions yourself accidentally( happened to me a few times, that was funny when I realized it biggrin ).

From your description it seems that Summer and Lewis are very similar in these things. Though it seems to me that Summer brings this need for validation a bit too far in that she never seems satisfied with her work as much as she should be. She always got a lot of compliment from Whedon and Josh Friedman let alone an army of fans and even critics but she just never believed it . I'm always heartbroken when she mentions that she didn't even want to try Serenity and Cameron cry

I think too that she is an incredibly intelligent person, her work and even her interviews always make me believe that. I always wondered from where did she get the inspiration to portray so many different kind of persons in such a deep and believable way, maybe its really that she observes and understands every people around her very deeply which knowledge she uses for acting. Understanding people so much would be an impressive feat in itself, mimicking it so perfectly on the top of that is just amazing. Summer is fantastic!

My heart bleeds because she is not more mainstream. Wasting such an incredible person is a terrible loss for all humanity and shows how much our cultural life degraded in the past century.

  Message #2 | Alex | 17 Jan 2012, 15:34 GMT [Entry]

Yes, I believe she is Christian. I don't think she is a Zen Buddhist but as we all do, perhaps she just borrows a concept which is quite acceptable. She learns, she adapts, and she grows which is what smart people do.

As to her self awareness, I think she is always looking for validation. I had my eyes opened last night regarding this aspect. Here in Toronto, I went to a talk given by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that featured Juliet Lewis, an American actress. She has given some incredible performances (Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia, and others). In her work, she says that she always looks for validation. She felt that one of the roles of the director was to give her (or any actor for that matter) the guidance and feedback that would validate her work. And I have to add here that Lewis is fearless. She is one tough person albeit very sensitive and with a keen intelligence.

I think that Summer is cut from the same cloth - an incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and perceptive person who can go where most of us can't in exploring a character. Lewis also talked about being a people watcher and she is very good at mimicking people. I believe it is fair to say that Summer too is very observant and part of her genius is that perception that she has, being able to figure out what the emotions of people are and internalizing that. In that interview, I think she nailed it when she said that Whedon was the only person smart enough to assess his own work. In other words, she was able to understand him, his motivations, and what he was feeling.

I agree that she is a great actress and I continue to be surprised that she is not more mainstream.

  Message #3 | Blazius | 16 Jan 2012, 17:19 GMT [Entry]


Yeah, I understand that she is not too fond of the teasing anymore. Its not appropriate now I think. OK she was a newbie during Firefly and had almost zero experience on acting plus she was young and looked even younger. But since then she matured and she made fantastic things and proved that she is easily one of the best actors who ever graced Hollywood. She is a fan favorite with two iconic characters and she is the Queen of sci-fi. A person like her should not be toyed with like a child and I think Summer knows this too.

Besides Nathan wasn't right even then. Summer was a newbie but even then she played River far better than anybody could in the end product and she managed to overshadow everybody ( even Nathan himself) so much that she became the main star of the movie. So I think there may have been a small portion of jealousy under the innocent jokes too.

And I disagree about the Summer cannot be funny part too at least when it comes to comedy roles. Its one thing that somebody can tell jokes and jest around and its another playing comedy roles. Summer proved in numerous times when her characters were a bit comic or at least mischievous that she is very good in those situations too. Its not surprising since at least in theater the really good actors are adept at drama and in comedy too so I think this applies to Summer as well( we'll see in KOB though I doubt we'll be disappointed with her).

Regarding her worldview I don't think its the result of some kind of religion or anything( besides I always thought that Summer is Christian hence the cross she often wears) its just how Summer works. She is always a perfectionist, always doubts herself but she is also more self aware than the rest of her peers which is an important factor in why she hasn't become the boasting rude kind of star who thinks herself a god. This is also why she always gives the world such high quality works ever since she started dancing as a kid. This self awareness seems to be often the blessing( and the curse) of the gifted BTW.

  Message #4 | Fermi | 16 Jan 2012, 15:34 GMT [Entry]

Yes and it is a big mystery where the huge traffic comes from.
Same happened once with this news
Views: 4386

I thought it might been the usage of the natanfillion hashtag when sharing the news on twitter causing this.
Therefore I tried sharing one of the scans from the gallery in the same way:
but it did not resulted in any views, actually almost nobody reading this entry visiting the gallery.

It might be the statistics being glitchy. I'll investigate it further.

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 16 Jan 2012, 03:02 GMT [Entry]

Wow, more than 2000 views for that news!

  Message #6 | Alex | 15 Jan 2012, 22:54 GMT [Entry]

You make a good point. I note that in this interview, she is kidded about her sense of humour by Nathan Fillion. In a YouTube video of a panel at the 2010 Dragon Con, the subject of Nathan's teasing came up (that Summer had lost her marbles) and Summer said that was never funny and she seemed upset. So yes, as you say, she has grown and matured to the point that she is standing up for herself. And that is not so surprising I suppose. We all do this.

I guess like most of her fans, I find that anything that upsets Summer causes me to see red. I know it is irrational but that is how I feel. It is probably true that Fillion is a decent person and would be a good person to have a beer with but he always seems to be performing. I suppose too that he is not a person who analyses himself unlike Summer who strikes me as being very much an introvert and who is constantly assessing and thinking about what is going on.

On the other hand, she said in the Calgary Comic Con video that she was trying to live more in the moment which I believe is a reference to the concept of mindfulness, a Zen buddhist belief. This leads me to believe that either she is studying buddhism or perhaps a friend or associate has talked to her about this.

  Message #7 | Blazius | 15 Jan 2012, 05:26 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for the scans!

Indeed it helps us with keeping track on Summers evolution. For example she hasn't changed much in that she is still very quiet in interviews or audio commentaries when there are other big talker actors around her( Thomas Dekker for example) but she shows a relatively big improvement in individual interviews IMO. I like that if she is more confident, she has every right to be proud of her work.

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Jan 2012, 02:13 GMT [Entry]

Oldies but goodies as they say...
And posting these, besides the HQ scans being exclusive, allows to put in perspective Summer Glau's evolution, physically but also in terms of how she deals with such interviews.

  Message #9 | Alex | 15 Jan 2012, 01:58 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for posting this.

  Message #10 | chrisdvanne_ | 15 Jan 2012, 01:58 GMT [Entry]

The article highlights the friendship between the three actors.
And there's the HQ pics of the photoshoot (we had them in low resolution before)

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