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First images of Summer from Garden State Comic Fest

First images of Summer from Garden State Comic Fest
First images of Summer from Garden State Comic Fest

Wanna do something fun this weekend? Come meet and take photos with Summer - or get her autograph - at the Garden State Comic Fest: Atlantic City Edition on April 7-8! If you're lucky enough to be attending Garden State Comic Fest then we hope you have a great time and please feel free to share your photos/impressions with us. Not everyone can make it to the Showboat Hotel Atlantic City, we get it, this is why we have collected for you the first images of Summer from the show. Enjoy!

Summer's photo op session is from 1:30PM to 2:00PM and the Firefly star will take the stage from 3:30PM to 4:15 PM on the 1st Floor in Orleans Ballroom.

We will have numerous photos of Summer to share throughout the weekend, so please stay tuned and check back on a regular basis. Thank you all for sharing!

First images of Summer from Garden State Comic FestFirst images of Summer from Garden State Comic FestMet Summer Glau aka River Tam from Firefly. She was so AWESOMESummer Glau told me to tell you hi. (And also that Firefly isn’t coming back, so quit asking.)Summer Lovin'!Summer Glau panel at Garden State Comic FestSummer Glau panel at Garden State Comic Fest


Pictures courtesy of : Jenaro Pagan |   @pabst_willHenry DiPeppeBrad Bartonstevegwoz  | Ed Shin


Watch a clip from Summer's panel at Garden State Comic Fest, courtesy of Facebook user Ed Shin.


Summer always tries to make every person feel special, so getting to see her might take a bit of time, but it's worth it! Or else, you also have the whole day tomorrow to meet her. 

If you attended Garden State Comic Fest this weekend and would like to donate your photos I would love to share your photos and experiences meeting the Firefly stars on the site, so please feel free to email me at – Full credit will be given.

More photos of Summer and reports from the convention will be posted in the Garden State Comic Fest 2018 forum thread.

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