First images of Summer at Awesome Con

Summer is in Washington D.C. for her third convention of the year. Images of her first day at Awesome Con have turned up online and she looks as lovely as always. She has a busy schedule today, filled with autograph and photo op sessions and a panel scheduled from 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM in room 146 of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Take a look at the first images of Summer below and come back regularly as more images will be uploaded when they arrive.

First Images of Summer Glau at Awesome ConThe glasses made my eyes look funny so I ditched them to take a photo with Summer Glau.Met this crazy girl who can kill you with her brain! #firefly #SummerGlau.This photo op has made all the back and leg pain worth it! She's awesome Had best time at my 1st comic con. Saw #SummerGlau! She was so nice. Summer Glau & I at #awesomecon!First Images of Summer Glau at Awesome ConSummer Glau and Joe Carabeo at Awesome Con. Who knew in a million years that I would ever share the stage with the amazing actress Summer Glau, in a packed packed packed house at Awesome Con Had best time at my 1st comic con. Saw #SummerGlau! She was so nice.

Pictures courtesy of :  takeexit16e emayarkae torpedro11 icewlf76 | @joesteiger | @TCinani | angie_in_dc | @sieiro | astrayj

 Here are a few impressions from Summer's panel.

From @tothebottleigo: "LARP-ing is dangerous. Wear a helmet." 

From @AwesomeCon: "Summer Glau is now talking about joining social media: she says it will likely never happen. BUT she was overwhelmed by the “waves of love” and “loyalty” of fans.

Summer Glau always knew she wanted to be an actor, even while she was a ballerina

Audience question: What was Summer’s most difficult scene from Terminator? The one where she was stuck between the trucks

From _lone_photographer_ : “Summer was amazing I felt like I could relate to her because she was chill and a bit quiet, and she said that she got nervous before interviews, but she still got up there. Hearing that from her really inspired me to not let my quiet personality from stopping me from doing all the things that I wanna do with my life. Thank you, Summer. #summerglau”


We hope everyone is having a wonderful time in Washington and meeting Summer in person. We would love to hear some of your stories, so don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below or send them over by mail.

More information on Summer Glau's appearance at Awesome Con 2016, as well as photos and reports from con-goers will be posted in the Awesome Con forum thread (check it regularly).


04 Jun 2016
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When talking about social media she said: "she was overwhelmed by the “waves of love” and “loyalty” of fans".
That goes for us here too, I guess smile . She is right, we DO love her smile . In a word, she is... Awesome wink .

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