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Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set

A collection of Firefly posters featuring the four female members of the Serenity family will be on sale soon from Quantum Mechanix
Four Art Nouveau Beauties Grace The Verse
Strong. Beautiful. Deadly. Sexy.
We offer those attributes in spades with the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set. Created by designer Megan Lara using the sinuous lines, floral motifs and organic pastels that are characteristic of art nouveau, each of these ladies bedazzle with sheer personality and femininity.
River Tam, the psychic savant teenager with sword and axe at the ready to kick some Reaver ass.
The QMx Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set comes printed on 24" x 12" 100-pound, satin-finish paper. Four gorgeous art prints. A fifth poster, featuring Saffron — will only be for sale at Comic-Con

Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set - River TamFirefly Les Femmes Poster Set - ZoeFirefly Les Femmes Poster Set - InaraFirefly Les Femmes Poster Set - KayleeFirefly Les Femmes Poster Set - Saffron

[Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set]


Available for Preorder.
Expected to ship July 26, 2011.
Price: $29.95

Source :Quantum Mechanix




16 Jul 2011
Total comments: 2
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 16 Jul 2011, 23:30 GMT

A fifth poster, featuring Saffron — will only be for sale at Comic-Con.

More info at the Discussion Forum : Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set

  Message #2 | TerminatorEmily | 12 Nov 2012, 02:15 GMT

Wow I have that River poster. tongue smile

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