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Firefly: Behind The Scenes Footage from 'Heart of Gold'

12 Jul 2015
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Firefly: Behind The Scenes Footage from 'Heart of Gold'
Firefly: Behind The Scenes Footage from 'Heart of Gold'

Find below two Behind The Scenes videos from Firefly episode 12 'Heart of Gold', in which a Companion-trained friend of Inara's who runs a brothel calls for help from Serenity.

The first behind-the-scenes footage features a scene in which the entire Firefly cast, namely  Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, Alan Tudyk, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion, are seen walking on the set towards the whore house.
Check out this shiny piece of memorabilia below.

This second behind-the-scenes video we hope will put a smile on your face and is proof, if needed, that the Firefly cast had a great time on set. Summer Glau and her Firefly co-stars are reenacting the scene shown in the first video, except this time they were doing it as if they were hitting the catwalk.
Check out this funny behind-the-scenes video below.

We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did. Stay tuned as we will post more rarities from the Verse in the following days.

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