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Final day of Wizard World Nashville

Final day of Wizard World Nashville
Final day of Wizard World Nashville

It's the last day of Wizard World Nashville and your last chance to meet Summer and her Firefly co-stars Jewel Staite and Sean Maher. Yesterday was a fun day and I hope this one will be even better. Also, don't forget Summer's photo op session is scheduled at 2:45 PM. Wish you a wonderful day in Nashville! 

Check out a random selection of photos of Summer's last day at the convention and follow the link to the gallery for more. Thank you all for sharing.

Finale day of Wizard World NashvilleFinale day of Wizard World Nashville

Pictures courtesy of : Emilychrisbreezy_93 


That’s it for Wizard World Nashville 2017. We hope you guys had an amazing time meeting Summer and took some cool pictures with her. The next convention will be Wizard World Austin in Summer's home state Texas, after her second child is born.
Meanwhile, we would love to hear some of your stories, so don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below or send them over by mail.

More photos of Summer and reports from the convention will be posted in the Wizard World Nashville 2017 forum thread.

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