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Fans Share Their Impressions On Meeting With Summer at LFCC

London Film and Comic Con 2014 is now over and attendees have left London the head filled with good and no-so-good memories (long queues I'm looking at you), hopefully more good than bad ones though. But one thing is for sure, meeting Summer Glau was a highlight of the weekend, judging from the messages posted online by lucky con-goers.
It was a fun weekend for me too, thanks to LFCC attendees who have shared their experience and photos with us on various social networks. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you and to read your stories from your meeting with Summer. But then I though it would be a good idea to share some of these fun moments with other fans who could not attend LFCC. For your enjoyment, I gathered together a few stories - and the accompagnying photos - from the London Film and Comic Con.
The first story involves my friend Anthony, who some of you may know through his independent clothing label promoting local artists UKTR Apparel.
When Anthony (@uKnitetherealm) posted on Twitter a few images of him with celebrities he met at LFCC, a photo with Lena Headey captured my attention (see pics below). And when he tweeted a photo with Summer Glau, I was anxious to see the kind of pose they used. When I clicked on the photo, I was relieved to see they didn't pose as in the photo with Lena, and I jokingly expressed my relief, "Phew!! I was afraid you would try the same pose as with Lena. Antony answered, "haha nope...was more "reserved" in this one ;-)".
I mentioned Anthony he is a clever boy and that the "other" pose would probably fall into Summer's "Sorry, I don't do that" category, anyway (Summer mentions the aforementioned category at 5:00 of this video interview).
He added: "Wish I could have spent a bit longer with her (they were really churning people through!) but she was lovely, very polite, always smiling, and definitely has a good sense of humour. If it wasn't so busy it would have been great to have a little chat with her :-) Maybe next time!".
Nevertheless, the badass pose with Lena had a great success among my tweeps, I even made a meme. Here are the images of Anthony with Lena and Summer.

lena headey at lfccSummer Glau at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014lena headey and Summer Glau at at lfcc


My accomplice Pete (@texaspete4130) and I are expressing our appreciation of Summer Glau's talent in various online platforms for quite some time. In his own words,  he doesn't upload many personal photos...but he just had to when he met his favorite actress at LFCC. Not only was Pete kind enough to share his photo op with Summer, but he also tweeted a few words on his meeting with Summer.

I asked him if he shook Summer's hand because other fans have reported she has a firm handshake and I wanted to have his opinion. I was not disappointed by Pete's answer, he said:  "No handshake, it was a one handed hug of sorts, she was kind and welcoming and even took the time to talk to me a little whilst getting autographs."
And when I thanked him for his kind words on Summer, he added, "Really she was [kind], and humble. I told her she has been my favorite actress since I first saw Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and she genuinely looked shocked and happy. Even as she was walking to the photo shoot area she was asking people in line how they were doing and thanking them for coming.
I answered him I was glad he mentioned TSCC (as we all know 90% of the fans in Summer's lines are Browncoats and Cameron deserves some love too imo) and I bet he was surrounded by Jayne's hats. To which he answered, "Yep lol, Jayne hats and Kaylee umbrellas :)"
And to show you that Pete loves all characters played by Summer, he had a Serenity Comics cover signed (see pics below).

Summer Glau at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014Serenity Comics cover signed by Summer Glau


Elysia (@taylorssalgron) is a young woman with a strong emotional attachment to Summer Glau, chatting with her is very refreshing for an "old-time" fan like me. We met before LFCC and I enjoyed seing her excitement growing as the convention date got closer. As would be expected, her meeting with Summer was filled with joy, passion...and cry. 

Elysia sent me a first picture of Summer signing autographs at her booth and I told her I hoped the elegant gentleman in a black suit didn't caught her sneaking pics of Summer. She answered "He did. He was like "no pictures!" to everyone in the queue and Summer said "leave them alone"" and send me the second picture in which the man was looking directly at her.
Elysia had also the opportunity to express her unconditional love for Summer during her Meet & Greet. Here's what she told me: "They were rushing Summer in the Meet and Greet just now and I was crying and I told her I love her so much and she said she loved me too and the people were rushing her and she said "she's fine, leave her alone" and hugged me before we took the picture."
Elysia added, "I swear Summer is the sweetest person ever. I'll never forget the way she smiled at me and the way she was so kind and genuine."

What a contrast between the photos of the (not-so) menacing man in black suit and the cute, charming Elysia and Summer.

Summer Glau at her booth at lfccSummer Glau at her booth at lfccSummer Glau at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014


Living in the United Kingdom, Sarah (@tdekkersource)  from fan site Thomas Dekker Source could not miss the opportunity to meet Summer. She kindly sent me the following message.

Summer is a lovely, beautiful person and she was so polite and sweet. She stayed late to ensure I and others got autographs. She was one of the busiest - she had more than 1000 in her virtual queue but only got 650 done on saturday.
She was clearly exhausted but stayed and she thanked us for waiting. We also waited more than one hour for a photo with her. Worth it though!
I guess these newly-acquired photos will join Sarah's collection of photo of Summer's friend and TSCC co-star Thomas Dekker.

Summer Glau at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014summer glau signed tscc promo photo


Manveer Lochab (@ManveerLochab) was kind enough to send me a few words on her meeting with Summer.

She said, "Summer was just so awesome and lovely to meet!! Loves meeting her fans and talking to them bout Arrow and TSCC." And when I answered that Summer appreciates her fans as much as they appreciate her as a result, she added: "Totally! Loved meeting Summer and talkin about how fun the Arrow cast is and how funny she was in TSCC. Awesome." 


A few words from Christina, who was Summer Glau's assistant on Sunday.

Summer Glau is the nicest person to ever look after ever. Today is a great day! I AM SO HAPPY.

Although I died on my feet running around friday & saturday I thoroughly enjoyed this LFCC, especially sitting with Summer Glau on sunday!

 I got to look after Summer Glau for a whole day and she is the cutest, loveliest, sweetest person ever.

Summer Glau's assistant at London Film and Comic Con, July 11 - 13, 2014


Our friend - and huge Continuum/Lexa Doig fan - Alun Cox (@Pippincp) was also a volunteer at London Film Comic Con. he told us, "Summer is one of the best guests ever. She was amazing, alas never had chance for a chat. She should've arrived Friday but couldn't get there until Saturday. Fun fact (not Summer related), due to the massive turnout for Stan Lee his first photoshoot operated at 1 photo every 7 seconds."

Lastly, here's a little anecdote for you. Ahmed S.I. (@Ahmed_SI_17) posted a lovely photo of Summer Glau as she coming off the guest bus at London Film and Comic Con (see pic below).

I've been told limo's were provided for those guests that requested them. There were only five limo's provided, including two with tinted windows. But Summer does not appear to wish to be treated differently to the "general" (wrong word I know) guests and used the bus shuttle instead. 

Summer Glau arriving at Earl's Court on the guest bus - LFCC.
I also want to bring special mention to Monica (@mizmoni) for her unconditional support for all things Summer Glau. My understanding is that the Summer Glau fandom  in its turn returned her love.
Watch more images of  Summer Glau at this year's London Film and Comic Con in the photo gallery.
I hope everyone had as much fun reading these impressions from London Film and Comic Con as I had collecting them. We should do this kind of recap for every convention, don't you think?
14 Jul 2014
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