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Fans share their experiences meeting Summer at Garden State Comic Fest

Fans share their experiences meeting Summer at Garden State Comic Fest
Fans share their experiences meeting Summer at Garden State Comic Fest

We are often warned about meeting our heroes, as they tend to disappoint... unless your hero happens to be a Terminator reprogrammed to save mankind from Skynet enslavement. Summer Glau's co-stars claim she is one of the kindest people they have ever met, and fan encounters with the Firefly and TSCC actress during Garden State Comic Fest in Atlantic City show she is down-to-earth, personable, and a real sweetheart.  

Here is what it's like to meet Summer, according to the Garden State Comic Fest stories I have collected for you. She will not only pose for pictures with fans, but the Serenity star will engage them in actual conversation and genuinely cares about her fans. Is Summer Glau one of the sweetest people on Earth? According to these fan stories, absolutely.
I hope you have fun reading these lovely tidbits.


1) NJ BatSquad Studios's photo generated a lot of comments from fans, so we asked them what was going on there. Summer's face though. lol

INSIDE JOKE - Actress Summer Glau clearly enjoying her biggest fan... (Yes, she was playing along as per her fan's request)

Super fan Stuart Greenberg asked Ms. Glau to pretend to be disturbed by his enthusiasm similar to how the The Big Bang Theory guys were losing it over meeting her in that classic episode. She was nice enough to play along as per her fan's request.

Stuart himself added: "Hey All - I want to be clear that I asked Miss Glau to recreate this moment from The Big Bang Theory. She was super friendly and played along".


2) Rich from Caped Justice Jewelry gave Summer a Wonder Woman necklace and pin modeled after Gal Gadot's tiara in the phenomenal Wonder Woman movie. Nice kilt btw, Rich!

Summer Glau holding a Wonder Woman necklace from Caped Justice JewelryWonder Woman necklace from Caped Justice Jewelry

Hi Chris, my name is Richard Cerzosimo (Rich) and I was the the one fortunate enough to meet Summer. She was an absolute pleasure to speak with. Mike and I are both fans of her work, and specifically her role as River Tam on Firefly.

When we started speaking, I handed her the company’s Wonder Woman necklace and WW lapel pin. I explained to her that we felt that women were under-served when it came to being able to express their fandom due to a lack of merchandise; and I told her that we try to cater more to women than to men because of this.  As she was looking at the necklace, I said that I hoped that she was a fan of Wonder Woman and further hoped that she would enjoy the necklace and pin. It was when I said that to her that she looked up at me, with a bit of surprise on her face and asked, "These are for me?" I assured her that they were, and that I was thrilled  to give them to her.

As I've already said, she was a complete pleasure to speak with, and I was impressed with her genuine surprise as she seemed to not be expecting to receive a shiny gift from two Browncoats.

You can see more of Caped Justice Jewelry's work on Facebook, Instagram or at


3) Henry was lucky to escape with his life. Wearing that subliminal evil bunny shirt could have triggered an incident if Summer was suddendly in full River mode.

Met Summer Glau aka River Tam from Firefly. She was so AWESOME

Met Summer Glau aka River Tam from Firefly.
She was so AWESOME. She was so real...very positive lady, even asked about my workout then signed my Firefly Blueray...a great day.


4) Meeting Summer at Garden State Comic Fest was definitely the highlight of illustrator Jenaro's weekend. Love the sketch of Cameron...a true piece of art.

Summer Glau holding a sketch of Cameronsketch of Cameron

Hello! Well, I got the chance to meet Summer and it was amazing. She was a total sweetheart and very down to earth and got the chance to chat with her for a bit.

I made a drawing of Cameron Philips for her since I wanted to meet her for so long and was very appreciative.

Overall it was a great experience. Thank you for contacting me!

You can see more of Jenaro's work on Facebook, Instagram or at


5) Cover artist/ illustrator Ron Leary Jr had a great one on one with Summer...and she absolutely loved his 'Serenity' art. For your viewing pleasure, I also included an awesome River Tam ink sketch that Ron did prior to the convention.

Had another great moment. Met with Summer and had a great one on one about her journey as a dancer turned actress and yes of course my art but really she takes the cake. sketch of River Tam

The pencil drawing Summer is holding in the photo is the second of a three piece set in the works. I was planing on working this back into my schedule because it was a favorite show of mine. When Summer was added as a guest to the same show I was going to,  I knew I had get as much of this piece done and hit it out the park.

I wanted a scene reminiscent of serenity. With a scene that felt familiar yet new. It was game on. In this image I chose to leave her unarmed and yet posed to fight and be protective of her crew mates/family. While drawing her I payed close attention to original intent of her costume designs. The loose summer dress which looks gentle and the lace throw overs to add the entangled chaos within. And of course the long hanging hair. Yep River came out just as planned.

I worked on this all the way up until the moment arrived on Sunday when the show  management came and informed me Summer was in and now would be a good time to go see her. When I arrived I talked to the handler. Summer was with another fan. I explained what I'd like for her to sign. I had no problem paying another artist for their time and Summer's rates were perfect.  She already has a great array of photos to choose from if you don't already have something.

When she was ready we moved in to meet. She already knew my name (so she was already aware I was on my way over, still...I'm bad with names so I'm impressed). I didn't know how much time we'd get so I started with a little about how I first became aware of her on the Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator tv show) and how at first I was like "this is not Arnold".

After that with sincere laughs it was like talking with a close old friend that you reunited with. Talked about so much and forgot about my booth. I showed her the work and she was so happy. Her response was confirmation that I nailed it out of the park.

I hope to see Summer and meet her husband at another show, so we can catch up again.

And icing on the cake, Ron sent us footage of Summer signing the Firefly sketch he created specially for the occasion. Enjoy!


You can see more of Ron's work on Facebook, Instagram or at


Many thanks to all fans pictured in this blog who have kindly shared their wonderful photos and stories. Thank you to Summer for putting yourself out there to meet and engage with fans, even for a short time; we appreciate it.
If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

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29 Apr 2018
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