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Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at San Francisco Comic Con

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at San Francisco Comic
Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at San Francisco Comic

It's always exciting to meet one of your favourite celebrities. Many San Francisco Comic Con attendees have waited hours in line, just to catch a glimpse of Summer, get an autograph, maybe even a picture with her and all (I hope) went home with cherished memories. Anyway, I have collected together a couple funny and heartwarming stories from fans who met Summer at SFCC last weekend for you. As you will see, Summer always tries to make every person feel special and takes time to get to know each fan. I hope you have fun reading these lovely tidbits. 

More stories will be added as they come, so keep checking back!


 That time when Summer met Uncle Bob Omar!

Summer Glau and the T800 together for the very first time at san francisco comic con THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING!

She was surprised/impressed about my full terminator costume and she said: OMG! Your outfit is so good! You're the first terminator cosplayer I am taking a picture with. I told her I am a big fan of her and her work over TSCC.
I noticed she's pregnant, her little belly is so cute!


Malcolm and I have been online friends for a long time now (thanks for the untiring support!), so I'm glad he finally got to meet Summer.

Summer Glau if you ever see this post, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful moment at Comic Con, you brighten my day this weekend, you are very kind and wonderful as well.

As for my story, not much to tell, I guess for starters, I remember seeing her in Firefly way back when I was just a little kid, and immediately falling in love with River, Innocent, doing quirky things to others, but still has a dangerous side you don't want to mess with.  
Seeing how Summer acts, and how much she gets into the role she is given, and always hearing about how much kindness, love and being so nice to her fans made me just come to respect her more as I got older. It's always been a dream to meet her and tell her how much of an amazing actress I think she is.  And I finally got to today!
Incredibly nice, I asked her how she was enjoying the town and if she is ready for baby no.2, she laughed and said she still needs more time! After she signed a few pictures for me, I told her again, "thank you alot for your time to come out and I hope to see you again.", and she said the same to me! Made me feel all flustered. Was an amazing experience for me.
And also little news for us Summer fans. She is expecting another girl. So yay!


Lincoln has long been a fan of Summer (he has met her so many times I have lost the count) and we have known each other for a long time. His personalised t-shirts always makes a good impression :-) 

So Cool to meet Summer again! She saw me in line with her eyes wide open

I was an Angel fan on the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She was the ballet dancer.  But of course it was Firefly where I became a huge fan.  I first saw her in Burbank, California.  That was many years ago.  The convention was held at Marriott Hotel.  Smallville, Battlestar, and it was there where we met.  Gina Torres was there too!  Summer signed my Serenity poster!

I went to SF Comic Con on Saturday morning. It was still early and of course I was wearing a shirt with Summer Glau and me together. Eyes were staring as one can imagine. Fans admired the shirt I was wearing. It was before 11:40 when I was in line to meet her.

Summer eyes widened and her facial expressions was in awe and jaw dropping when she saw me. Summer recognized me and fans in line giving me High-Five. There was a lady dressed up as Wonder Woman who was also in line with me. She's also a fan of Summer and even her expression to the reaction of me and Summer stunned her.


John and her daughter Cassidy - dressed up as Mercy from the video game Overwatch -  had a great time meeting intergalactic sweetie Summer Glau.

Got to meet Nichelle Nichols; Lt Uhura from the original Star Trek TV show, and Summer Glau of many Sci Fi showsHad Summer sign a signed print I got at Fanime 5 years ago

That's me and my Daughter Cassidy! What a great day, and a true joy to meet you Summer. You are extremely genuine and nice, and not at all the dangerous mystery River was/is (or are you?)
Thank you again for helping to make our day a great success!
Had Summer sign a signed print I got at Fanime 5 years ago; here's what the print looks like framed by the way, and it's going back up on the wall now!!
Take good care and congratulations and best of luck with your new blessing!!


This awesome brilliance_laboratories guy Lewis met Summer dressed up at The Doctor but won the first place in the Comic Book Cosplay Contest with his Star-Lord costume (don't worry, I have posted the picture). What a weekend! 

Summer Glau if you ever see this post, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful moment at Comic Con, you brighten my day this weekend, you are very kind and wonderful as well.Noelle and I wearing our Star-Lord and Gamora costumes

Summer Glau: an unexpected and delightful encounter. I shared with her a picture of Noelle and I wearing our Star-Lord and Gamora costumes and upon discovering that Noelle made her costume from head to toe,  Summer commented in amazement, "whaaaat? Oh my god, she is an artist!" She's currently pregnant and let me know that she's due on October mother's birthday. 
Sweet, sweet lady. Thank you, Summer, for a lovely experience!

EDIT: Lewis was kind enough to provide additional information on his encounter with Summer in the comments below this news :-)


Jarel was yet another victim of the super sweet Summer. Love his enthusiasm!

Summer Glau if you ever see this post, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful moment at Comic Con, you brighten my day this weekend, you are very kind and wonderful as well.

THIS right here is probably THE BEST And most VALUABLE thing I acquired from Comic Con this year!!!!
I got to MEET and get a professional studio photo with Summer Glau!!!!  She also signed our print!!
She was SUCH A SWEETHEART and WONDERFUL person and I'm SO thankful and pleased I got to meet her!! You cannot tell from the photo .. but she's 8 months pregnant! She's SUCH a trooper.  A moment I will cherish for the rest of my life for sure! (And YES I'm getting it framed LOL).
LOVE YOU SUMMER !!! THANK YOU for the experience.


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the San Francisco Comic Con 2017 gallery album.

A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

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05 Sep 2017
Total comments: 9
  Message #1 | Admirator | 08 Sep 2017, 05:28 GMT

"she made her costume from head to toe".."she is an artist!" smile . Wow! She always was an artist, but now she proves she is a multi-talented artist. Amazing smile ! Edit: In Greece we have an expression for women like this, calling them "hrisohera" (hrisos+heri) which translates to "golden handed woman" smile .

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 08 Sep 2017, 07:47 GMT

Hum, we're not talking about Summer here. We're talking about the female cosplayer who made herself her Gamora costume.

  Message #3 | Admirator | 08 Sep 2017, 10:31 GMT

Whoops biggrin ! Thank you smile . I miss-compiledtranslated biggrin . It was a good chance to praise her more smile .

  Message #4 | Lewis | 17 Sep 2017, 15:36 GMT

Hey there! The Gamora of whom you speak is my wife Noelle :) In the first comment we see here, you said "she made her costume from head to toe".."she is an artist!" in quotes...Is this something Summer told you after Noelle left the booth or did I say that, LOL! It was such a whirl wind, that whole day. It took us twenty minutes to go fifteen feet at a time in the trading hall - crazy!

The high point for her was to have Summer ask her if she's a professional costumer. Her response was 'once money gets involved, it's not fun anymore' and Summer sympathetically agreed with her. I was watching from the queue for Cary Elwes when she started jumping up and down at her table and received a hug from her.

  Message #5 | Lewis | 17 Sep 2017, 15:36 GMT

By the way....My interaction began when I showed her a close up picture of the stitching Noelle did on one of the arms. It's truly insane an is the reason I sent Noelle over to chat with her. Overall, Summer seems like the kind of person you can just enjoy a cup of tea with and chat about life, in general. Parting thought; she told me her baby is due October Mom's birthday. I got a little teared up for a moment because my mom, recently, was diagnosed with dementia. She said she'd be honored to have her baby on my Mom's birthday.

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 17 Sep 2017, 22:33 GMT

Thank you for including these particular details, Lewis  smile

  Message #7 | Admirator | 18 Sep 2017, 06:47 GMT

Hey there too! I managed to confuse me first and now everybody else biggrin , sorry smile ! The phrase "she made her costume from head to toe" was said by you (for ms Noelle) and the phrase "she is an artist!", was said by Summer, directly to you, according to the story. I miss-translated your text, thinking that they were both said by you for Summer's skills. My mistake smile . By the way, congratulations for ms Noelle's work on these costumes! Thank you for all these details you gave us, like Chrisdvanne said smile !

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne_ | 18 Sep 2017, 07:32 GMT

I modified the text and added names here and there in order to avoid any confusion  wink

  Message #9 | Admirator | 18 Sep 2017, 14:18 GMT


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