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Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon

Summer is gracious and genuine and very appreciative of her fans. And in case you have any doubts, read below the stories of fans who were kind enough to send us their photos and experience meeting Summer at this year's Montreal Comiccon. Enjoy!


Matthew's story

First ever comic con, and I got a photo-op with Summer. Felt slightly odd putting an arm around her, so I explained "No hover hand". She replied "It's very appreciated" and I got a really nice photo of her!

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon


Stef's story

Actually this is my smiling face:-) I was actually a little bit stressed out and i was intimidated by meeting Summer Glau in only have about 15 seconds between each picture being taken: i'm actually surprised by the results its better than i expected!

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon


Ron's story

Meeting actress Summer Glau was one of the highlights of my Comiccon week-end. Summer was of course River Tan in Firefly and Serenity. Her big role came playing a female terminator, Cameron, in Terminator :The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer played herself in an episode of Big Bang Theory called The Terminator Decoupling. Recently Summer played the villain Ravager in a season of Arrow. She was super sweet and told me she likes country music, especially, George Strait. Montreal Comiccon July 10th 2016

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon


Anthony's story

So, the first question people ask me about comiccon is the highlight of the convention....this is it. Being able to meet the most gracious and serene Summer Glau, giving her a hug, taking a picture with her because she wanted to meet me even though she was on her way out. Genuine sweetness and whole hearted warmth radiated from this woman and she was simply down to earth and human. Plus she does her own stunts

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon


Toufik's story

My name is Toufik Kediha, I'm from Montreal and i had the honor and pleasure to meet the beautiful and amazing Summer Glau during the Montreal comiccon 2016. I just discovered your website and its really nice and well made. I really want to congratulate you for your amazing work for informing all the fans of the one and only Summer Glau.

Basically I was really hipped for this year's comiccon in my hometown especially of the presence of Manu Bennett and John Barrowman whom I really wanted to meet. After  an amazing encounter with the incredible Manu Bennett, I saw Summer's booth and she  stood there being so nice and cheerful by greeting her fans with such a huge smile and a natural beauty that could instantly show you of what kind of an awesome human being she really  is.

Of course, I admire a lot her work, notably in Firefly, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles and especially Arrow which I'm a huge fan! So I just went there all stressed out and not even knowing what to say. I mean come on, Summer Glau is just a front of you right and she looks so amazing. I came up and I was actually not only surprised by her greeting which was just out of this world, but also her simplicity and kindness. Even her husband came up and said Hi. The fact that I didn't know what to say or what to do just completely faded away by her approach where she makes you feel so comfortable and completely destroys that gap or a wall between a celebrity and a simple guy like me. Basically, it was a human being talking to another and for that, I would forever be her fan...her humanity.

I started telling her how amazing, beautiful, lovely and talented she is and how much I admire not only her incredible acting, but also her flawless personality. It wasn't like a fan going all hysteric about meeting a celebrity like I thought it would be, but more like an really good exchange. Talked about Arrow, her chemistry with Stephen Amell and of course Manu Bennett and how awesome that guy is and that she approved. Her husband saw my name and asked me what origin is it from? I told him Algerian and I was actually really impressed and really surprised that he and Summer actually knew my country and told me that we have really good food. That's something that really warmed my heart.

She signed me an autograph by writing: «For Toufik, all my best xo» and there's me with my friend standing there in total admiration not just for the celebrity and the actress, but the amazing human being. After the signing, her husband, a really great guy, took my phone to take a photo and then I went beside her going like: «damn I'm literally next to Summer Glau». We took two pictures together and then I gave her a big hug and she was so warm and welcoming. Told her again all my admiration for her by shaking her hand and she even gave me another hug which pretty much was like the cherry on top in a way where I was pretty much the happiest guy alive at that exact moment.

As I had to leave by thanking her for this amazing encounter and another fan was coming to greet her, she stood there waving her hand with that contagious and incredible smile that can only make you happy and alive. Her autograph and the photo will always and forever be precious. To all he fans out there who will have the chance to meet Summer Glau, trust me you will not regret it. She really is incredible and even more when you see her in person. She is amazing with her fans and if I have the chance to meet her again, I would go asap and without any hesitation. It was a tremendous, amazing, awesome, flawless, name it....experience and literally one the best highlights of my day. That lady is not just only sweet, but pretty much every best quality that you can name. I appreciate her even more than before and I am so proud and honored to be her fan.    

Thank you once again for giving us the chance to talk about our encounter with Summer Glau.

Toufik Kediha

Fans share photos and stories of meeting Summer at Montreal Comiccon


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans or at her panel in the Montreal Comic Con gallery album.

A huge thank you to Matthew, Stef, Ron, Anthony and Toufik for sharing their Summer Glau experience with us. If like them you want to share the love with other fans and send us your story/picture with Summer, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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11 Jul 2016
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  Message #1 | Admirator | 11 Jul 2016, 14:41 GMT

Nice Matthew smile . I wonder, did anyone do the hover hand maneuver, on-purpose, e.g with pointing at it with his other hand biggrin . I'm just throwing ideas wink . Lovely story from Toufik, that once more confirms Summer's greatness. And lovely attitude from Val too, to be fair smile .
chrisdvanne you won one more out-sourced congratulation for the site smile . Wish you more smile .

  Message #2 | Admirator | 19 Jul 2016, 07:14 GMT

-Stef's story: It is a smiling face indeed. It is expertly hidden, but i can almost hear some laughter too smile !
-Ron's story: Thanks for the info! Since Summer listens to George Strait, i should give it a serious try too wink !
-Anthony's story: Excellent Summer's description smile ! I wasn't there, but i can tell some of these characteristics, are Anthony's part too. And nice costume.

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