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My Fan Experience: Meeting Summer at Galaxycon Louisville

Dylan's First Meeting with Summer
Dylan's First Meeting with Summer

Our friend Dylan Wittmer was gracious enough to share his experience of meeting Summer for the first time at Galaxycon Louisville on Saturday. He shared the photo that he took with her as well as his full experience.

My Fan Experience: Meeting Summer for the first time at GalaxyCon Louisville

Meeting Summer was something I never thought I would be able to do within the 12 years I've been a fan of hers. From watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles at 8 years old to now, it's just mind-blowing.

When I was in line, god my anxiety was skyrocketing. I hadn't really met any celebrities before, let alone one of my favorites! Once I finally got my chance to speak to her, I know I was visibly shaking, to which I did let her know that I was super nervous. But as she spoke to me, her demeanor calmed me down quite a bit. I gave a little story about my first time watching her on TV all the way to now and the look in her eyes were priceless! It was a revelation for both of us I believe, showing how far she's grown as an actress and me as a fan. The time has flown since that initial year.

She was so kind and gentle, which definitely calmed the nervousness down significantly when it was time to take a picture! It made me so happy when she answered my question on TSCC, whether or not she would come back if it gets renewed (fingers crossed), to which she said "definitely!" And, she added it was her "most fun experience as an actor". Today will be a memory I cherish deeply. I can only hope Summer can see how much her fans care for her and how happy she makes them all by being so down to Earth. It's so rare to meet such a caring individual, let alone a caring actor! And I must say, her bad memory cannot hold back her memories with fans, as I could overhear her talking about how wonderful it was to see some of them again, as well as remembering Chhai [Editor’s note: Chhai is the site's new admin and Dylan is referring to Chhai’s previous encounter with Summer at Whedoncon]!

To any fan that has met her, please know she cherishes meeting all of you as much as you cherish meeting her, and even if she needs a little refresher sometimes, she will remember you! That in of itself is rather amazing to me as well, being caring enough to try and remember all of your fans! Overall, today was amazing and I have Summer to thank for it (which I might add is the only celebrity I paid anything for)! 


Huge thanks to Dylan for sharing his story! You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth, or at her panel in the GalaxyCon Louisville 2019 gallery album.

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24 Nov 2019
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 24 Nov 2019, 07:01 GMT

Glad to hear to had a great time meeting Summer at Galaxycon, Dylan!
Thanks for sharing your touching story with our fan site, Dylan. It means a lot for fans who cannot attend conventions.

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