Fan Experience Meeting Summer at Supanova Adelaide

Summer Rocks a Side Braid for her Final Round at Supanova

Our good friend Richard Grunwald - you may know him as REG here - attended this year's Supanova Expo Adelaide where he met Summer again - he already met her at Supanova Melbourne 2012. He kindly allowed us to share with you his lovely photos with Summer, his impressive Supanova loot and impressions on her Q&A panel, as well as his feedback on meeting her at the VIP party.

We are happy to hear that Richard enjoyed the VIP experience and managed to overcome his natural shyness...even though there were some regrets. I hope Richard fully realizes that he got to spend more time with Summer than most of us will ever do.  And now take a behind-the-scenes look at Supanova Adelaide 2015 through Richard's VIP experience. Enjoy!

First Photo Op with Summer - Supanova Adelaide November 21, 2015

Richard with Summer at Supanova Expo Adelaide 2015
Richard with Summer at Supanova Expo Adelaide 2015.

"The highlight of Supanova Pop Culture Expo was meeting Summer Glau again!!  I think I was the first one for the day because when I got to the photo area there were already a lot of people waiting and some VIPs too. I got to be right at the front in front of the other VIPs. I felt like royalty for a few minutes! I told myself to not be so nervous and to fully put my arm around her and when I went in to have the photo taken I was still nervous but not as much as usual. No hover hand this time haha!

To my surprise the photos were available to collect immediately. At previous cons we had to wait an hour or more before they were able to be picked up but this is a much better system. No waiting around so there is more time to look around and browse and enjoy the event."


Meeting Summer at the VIP Party - Supanova Adelaide November 21, 2015

"At the VIP party that night I decided early that I would go and have a look who was there. I had a drink and then in the beer garden I saw that they had hamburgers! Almost bite size but not quite and I had one of those.

Then when I went back to the bar I saw that there were a lot more people and I spotted Summer, Christopher Judge [Teal'c in Stargate SG-1], Dean Haglund [one of The Lone Gunmen on The X-Files] and quite a lot of other VIPs and attendees. I was middle of the line but then when Summer came up towards me I got really anxious and I greeted her and she smiled and asked how I was doing and I said I was doing good and I took a sip of my drink and was trying to decide what to talk to her about but I couldn't decide and then Christopher Judge started talking to her and I listened for a bit and then I decided to go back to the beer garden to see who was there.

And later on after I was getting more comfortable but one of the handlers told me that Summer is going to be leaving soon so I went to get another drink and by the time the bartender was finished mixing the drink I saw Summer leaving and she waved to everybody that was in the room. I waved to her. I'm not sure if she saw it but I am quite disappointed at myself for not making the most of the situation."


Summer Glau signed Firefly & Serenity and Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles Blu-ray covers

Summer Glau's autograph now added to my Firefly Blu-ray cover and Serenity Blu-ray cover! I now have 5/9 of the Serenity cast's autographs!

Summer Glau signed Firefly Blu-ray cover
Firefly Blu-ray cover signed by 5 out of 9 of the Serenity cast!


Summer Glau signed SerenityBlu-ray cover
Serenity Blu-ray cover signed by 5 out of 9 of the Firefly cast!


Summer Glau's autograph on my TSCC Season 1 & Season 2 Blu-ray covers!!

Summer Glau signed TSCC Season 1 Blu-ray cover
TSCC Season 1 Blu-ray cover signed by Summer Glau.


Summer Glau signed TSCC Season 2 Blu-ray cover
TSCC Season 1 Blu-ray cover signed by Summer Glau.

"When I was getting my covers autographed I asked her is this her first time to Adelaide and she said yes it is. And I also asked has she explored much of the city yet. She said no, not much. And I think she just arrived on the Friday but she did say for the next week or so she plans to see more. And she has lots to do with taking care of her baby.

And she complemented me on my shirt!"

[SIDE NOTE: we love your t-shirt with a Jason Palmer print, Richard and we absolutely adore your "I love Summer Glau" pins!]


At Summer's Panel - Supanova Adelaide November 21, 2015

Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015Summer Glau panel at Supanova Adelaide 2015

"Before Summer came on stage the MC was revving up the crowd. He said fire and then the audience responded with words they associate with it. I said ice. And this went on for a few minutes. Then when people figured out what he was hinting at he again said fire and we said fly. It went on for a little while more like this and then he introduced Summer onto stage!
There were a lot of questions about Firefly, Serenity, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, some about The Big Bang Theory and to my surprise even Sequestered. I don't know how many people have seen or even heard of it but it was good that there was someone else besides me who has seen it. 
And there were questions about her being a mother and what its like.
I learned a little something about when she was on TSCC, about the stunt work. How she was trained so intensely almost to the point of tears to learn the fights and choreography. I had a few questions in mind about Knights of Badassdom and Sequestered but I couldn't quite work up the courage to ask them. Some other people did ask about them though.
There was a question that someone asked her that I haven't heard asked of her before. It was what does she like to do to unwind after she goes off set. She said she likes to eat which struck a cord with me. I am somewhat of a foodie and I like stuffing my face haha. She said she also likes to read but since she has a baby now her hands aren't free to be able to pick up a book so she has got into audio books. 
At the VIP party she was eating one of the burgers kind of like I do when I eat (stuffing my face lol), and she looked cute while doing so. Its great that I have something in common with her! And I asked her about Sequestered. About it being a non-sci-fi show how did she find it working in a different genre because she is known for being a sci-fi actress. She said it was different and she enjoyed it and how it was about people just talking.
I also asked which genre she prefers working in and if she could choose any genre what would it be and she said it would be period pieces like Pride & Prejudice."


Second Photo Op with Summer - Supanova Adelaide November 22, 2015

Richard with Summer at Supanova Expo Adelaide 2015
Another photo with Summer, and yet another Firefly t-shirt.

"I got another photo with Summer today!!
As I was waiting in line chatting with the other people near me I thought to myself this time I want to do something a bit different. So I decided that I was going to hug her close. Just before the photo was taken I shook her hand and then I stood next to her and she was so nice and warm. I think it was her jumper and also her body warmth!"


Summer Glau signed River Tam poster

Summer Glau signed River Tam poster
River Tam poster - art by Jason Palmer - signed by Summer Glau

"Summer Glau's autograph on my poster of River kicking reaver ass!

Her handler said that she likes to call this a multitude of Rivers. When Summer was signing it she once again complimented me on my shirt and she said thank you to me and I said thank you back. I can still remember her lovely smile now and always will!!"


On a related topic, Richard posted this lovely photo of a Browncoat family waiting in line to take a photo with Summer. If you know them, please tell them they're awesome and that we would love to see their photo with Summer :-)

Browncoat family about to take a photo with Summer Glau at Supanova Adelaide
Browncoat family about to take a photo with Summer at Supanova Adelaide


Many thanks to Richard for sharing his impressions with us. I think he has a talent for telling heartwarming stories and transmitting all his emotion.
I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all Supanova Expo Adelaide attendees for sharing their lovely images of Summer. It means a lot for fans who don't have the opportunity to meet Summer in person, whether they are on a budget or lack of time or live in another country.

See you in Brisbane this weekend for another Supanova event, more photos of Summer and more stories!

23 Nov 2015
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