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Fan's Impressions on Meeting Summer at Comicpalooza

Appearing at Comicpalooza Houston this last weekend, Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Arrow star Summer Glau chatted with fans, signed autographs and posed for photo ops over two days. Because they have understood perfectly well that sharing the love is the essence of belonging to a fandom, some fans were kind enough to send us their photos with Summer and the accompanying commentaries.
You can view their lovely photos with Summer and read their first-hand account below.

Christopher, aka Chris The Tooth Fairy, loves to bring a smile to people dressed up as...the Tooth Fairy. He send us his colorful photo op with Summer as well as a lovely photo of Summer with his daughter Addison - dressed as Black Widow from The Avengers - and the touching story of  Addison's meeting with Summer.

Chris The Tooth Fairy with Summer Glau at ComicpaloozaSummer Glau with Addison at ComicpaloozaSummer Glau with Addison at Comicpalooza

Addison loved Summer so much. She has not stopped talking about wanting to be an actress since Summer told her to try it at the Q&A panel. Thank you Summer for being just a nice person.
The photo of Addison was before the panel. I got the picture of Summer and I on Sunday. Went to have it signed on Monday and Addison was with me. Addison liked talking with her so much that she asked if she could go to get panel and ask her a question. She said she was a really sweet lady.
Val and Summer were both so sweet and caring. Val was the one that took the pictures for us.

You can watch Addison's question to Summer at 11:25 of the video of the Q&A session.


Steven is maybe not the typical con-goer, if such exists, and TV ratings services company Nielsen would probably look at him with disdain (no salvation outside the sacrosanct 18-49 age demographic). However, this is one of the things I appreciate the most about the Summer Glau fandom, its diversity. Plus the story of his meeting with Summer is not the less interesting and has come to an unexpected and happy ending, with the help of yours truly.

Summer Glau posing with Steven at ComicpaloozaSummer Glau posing with Steven at Comicpalooza

Today, I was looking at Houston’s online events calendar when I saw the Comicpalooza. I had never attended any event like this before and would have not attended this one until I saw that Summer was going to be there. I thought, “All I want is a picture with Summer. That’s all.” I did not think it was going to happen but it did. When it was my time in line I nervously asked Summer did I look ok. She said “You look great!”. As I was leaving the guy taking the pictures said “Thanks for dressing up.” I thought that was strange but when I looked at all the people I noticed most, if not all, dressed very casually. I laughed because when I first arrived at Comicpalooza I thought I was overdressed. I must say the picture looks good. Of course it is only because Summer is in it.

What should have been a funny anecdote has turned into a fairy (again!) tale. Let me explain! After I told Steven it was probably Summer's husband Val who took the picture and thanked him, he expressed his regrets being with Summer and Val and not knowing they are newlyweds as well as new parents, because he would surely have congratulate them.
I was touched by Steven's story and offered him to forward to Summer and Val a congratulatory note, if he wanted to. Thus, I passed on Steven's congratulations to them and, as expected, Summer and Val were, in their own words "touched by the beautiful message of this sweet and thoughtful gentleman". My own reward was a feeling of mission accomplished and also "many howdies from Texas!!".


Many thanks to Christopher and Steven who have generously shared their heartwarming impressions with us. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all Comicpalooza attendees for sharing such lovely images of Summer. It means a lot for fans who don't have the opportunity to meet Summer in person, whether they are on a budget or lack of time or live in another country.

You can watch more lovely images of Summer at Comicpalooza 2015 in the gallery.

27 May 2015
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 28 May 2015, 14:09 GMT

What wonderful stories. Just goes to show how wonderful Val and Summer are!

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