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Exclusive Clip of 'Dead End'

Here's a short clip (no sound) showing Summer Glau in the short movie 'Dead End', directed by Jay Torres. The short was made for the 2nd Annual Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest , that took place September 28-30, 2012; the challenge was to make a film – write, shoot and edit it – in two days.

The participants to the Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Contest had to fulfill specific assignments such as setting, story elements and thematic elements :
UPDATE: The short is now available online. Watch Summer Glau and Eric Winter in "Dead End"!
For the 2012 WEEKEND SHORTS CONTEST, the contest draws on key aspects of Debra Hill’s modern classic, THE FISHER KING. If you haven’t watched THE FISHER KING recently, you may wish to take a moment to refresh your memory of this wonderful film. 
18 Jan 2013
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