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Episode 4 of ALTERNIS is available

Alternis Episode 4,
Alternis Episode 4,

Alternis Episode 4, titled "Xyzzy," written by E.C. Myers and narrated by Summer Glau has just been released in synchronized audio and ebook formats at Serial Box


Alternis, Episode 4


The team goes on a quest.


The author of the episode, E.C. Myers, attended Denver Pop Culture Con with Summer last weekend and posted on Twitter the following comments:

It's here!!! My first episode of ALTERNIS is up! And I love how it turned out. Go read it, or listen to Summer Glau read it to find out how to pronounce "Xyzzy." I hope you enjoy it!

I mentioned it on some of my Denver Pop Culture Con panels! I didn't have any joint events with Summer, sadly, and couldn't even get close to her booth because of the lines for photos and autographs. Next time!


Listen to Summer Glau read an extract from Alternis below:

The first episode is available for free. You can get each episode for $1.99 or the entire first season for $9.99.

05 Jun 2019 | Tags: Alternis, audiobook, ebook
Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | Admirator | 06 Jun 2019, 15:53 GMT

Good episode with a revelation smile .

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 07 Jun 2019, 04:55 GMT

@ Admirator
Thanks for keeping us updated with new episodes!

  Message #3 | Admirator | 07 Jun 2019, 09:30 GMT

@chrisdvanne Thanks too. Well actually i had also ulterior motives.. i wanted to demonstrate that i bought the whole season biggrin .

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