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Emotional meeting with Summer at Fan Expo Dallas

Shayla has a very sweet experience meeting Summer at Fan Expo Dallas
Shayla has a very sweet experience meeting Summer at Fan Expo Dallas

Shayla had an emotional meeting with Summer during Fan Expo Dallas this weekend. You can read it below and watch the accompanying photos and videos that Shayla kindly allowed us to share with you.


Very emotional first time meet with the beautiful Summer Glau, if you don’t know her check out the movie serenity, firefly, arrow, she’s also in terminator.
I wanted to get her autograph today at comi-con, and thanks to my dad and little brother they made it happen, but I didn’t just want a simple picture autographed, I wanted my arm signed by the one and only, so my brother asked and amazingly she said she would sign my arm.
After what feels like forever I finally got to the table and instantly things got emotional, due to the self harm scars I have, she reacted in a way I didn’t expect and it left me along with my dad fighting back tears. She went from super happy to concerned it was as if she understood, and knew the pain Ive had it was like seeing that broke her heart she looked like she was about to cry along with us. She instantly hugged me and it took everything I had to not cry into her shoulder.
She was very very sweet and very caring, and unlike many others who say they care about their fans, she really showed it not just with me but with others as well, she made it known to each person that they were just as important as the next. She carried on conversations always hugging and listening to each person. And she continuously had nothing but a smile on her face.
She did sign my arm with sharpie.
But I went further with it, after she signed my arm, there just so happened to be a couple shops open during comi-con today which gave me the opportunity to get a new tattoo, and thanks to my little brother he made it happen. So what did I do? I went in for my second tattoo and had Summer Glau’s autograph permanently placed on myself and I surprised her with it, in the videos my dad recorded it’s difficult to see, but she was excited and even said she was honored even went as far to take a picture, the second video she hugs me again telling me I’m beautiful and asked that I take care of myself, she then proceeded to ask if I live in Texas and when responded to with yes she stated that we are Texas sisters.
This women is absolutely amazing, extremely loving and caring, even being as famous as she is, she is beyond sweet, I never expected to be treated so amazingly as she treated me, I am forever grateful in meeting her.


Emotional meeting with Summer at Fan Expo DallasEmotional meeting with Summer at Fan Expo Dallas




It takes a lot of courage to share such a personal story and I'm glad that Summer inspired Shayla to do so.

06 May 2019
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