ECCC: Summer Glau Panel

Here is the video panel from Emerald City Comic Con 2012 (ECCC).

Some scoops from the panel:

  • No more Summer on Grey's Anatomy. At least not this season.
  • Summer will make another guest appearance on Syfy's "Alphas". Also, she said the tattoos she had on were fake.
  • "Scent of the Missing" has not been picked up yet.
  • Summer revealed she auditioned for a part in "Black Swan", but then, the character got cut in the pre-production stages.
  • If TSCC had been renewed for season 3 Summer would have played Allison mostly and Cameron in flashbacks
  • Summer also confirmed that she has a new fanmail address



Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012
Screencaps from the video:
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Pictures from the panel and the event:

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02 Apr 2012
Total comments: 9
  Message #1 | Fox012 | 06 Apr 2012, 18:41 GMT [Entry]

And she is neither on Facebook....

Sad that there is no more Summer in GA... sad

  Message #2 | REG | 25 Apr 2012, 11:09 GMT [Entry]

what is GA?

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 14 May 2012, 00:13 GMT [Entry]

Late answer : Grey's Anatomy

  Message #4 | REG | 18 May 2012, 02:30 GMT [Entry]

better late than never.

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 05 Apr 2012, 13:39 GMT [Entry]

For those who are still not convinced, Summer confirmed at the panel that "she's not on Twitter" ; watch at 50:50 of the video.

  Message #6 | Blazius | 03 Apr 2012, 18:38 GMT [Entry]

Thanks for the vid and the scoops.

I agree it was a very good interview where Summer got the chance to talk about her roles and her feelings towards those roles. See how relaxed and proficient she is in this environment and how good she is in entertaining the audience, even joking with the interviewer rather than being embarassed.

Needless to say that she again shows her absolutely adorable self without any fancy trick to make herself look cooler. I also love her expressions, no wonder she is so good at acting with an expressive face like that.

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Apr 2012, 13:34 GMT [Entry]

Glad the videos of the panel were posted so quicly!

Also thanks for the scoops on Summer's career.

  Message #8 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Apr 2012, 16:28 GMT [Entry]

Summer Glau is the adorable self in such panels as usual!
But that panel was also interesting because we learned a lot of things about how Summer approaches a role and about her past and futures roles.
The questions were probably better than usual and the host David Boze (KTTH 770 AM) did a good job.

  Message #9 | Vic | 09 Jun 2012, 19:53 GMT [Entry]

Love this interview/Q&A session. Some very genuine answers and emotions from Summer. I find her so charming when she answers questions from the audience and you see how sincere and honest she is toward her fans. She is a very special Lady smile

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