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Does Summer have superpowers in Wu Assassins?

Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins premiering August 8th on Netflix
Iko Uwais in Wu Assassins premiering August 8th on Netflix

Summer is back on our tv screens in Wu Assassins, a new original fantasy martial arts series releasing on Netflix on August 8th, and a new piece of information that popped up online leads us to think that her character may well have superpowers.

Indeed, Facebook user Saanwari Yagnik - who dubbed Summer in Hindi - refers to Summer's character as "Water Wu", whereas we know from a call sheet that Summer plays Miss Jones on the show. So that means Summer has a double identity Miss Jones / Water Wu (think Isabel Rochev / Ravager in Arrow). 

And now follow my reasoning: the “Wu” in the series title refers to ‘Wu Xing’, the Five Elements theory of Chinese philosophy.  The five elements, namely Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal, are clearly visible in every promotional photo from the show, like in the following one featuring Byron Mann, whose character has the ability to control and manipulate fire (think "Avatar: The Last Airbender"), as seen in this image and also in the trailer.


promotional image for Wu Assassins featuring Byron Mann


And since we now know that Summer's character is called "Water Wu", it is logical to assume that she has the ability to control the Water element, just like Mann's character controls Fire. More, actress Khamisa Wilsher's character in Wu Assassins is listed as Metal Wu / Natalie on her IMDb page.

UPDATE: watch this short clip featuring Summer punching a guy in an alley. Is it random that the previous shot features some cool CGI water dragon?

So, do you guys think that Summer has superpowers on the show, besides the cool ability to kiss other attractive women, of course? Please tell me in the coment section below.



Anyway, we will have the answer very soon. Hope you guys are excited to watch Wu Assassins, dropping this Thursday, 8/8 only on Netflix!

07 Aug 2019
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