Cool stories from Paradise City Comic Con

13 Dec 2016
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Cool stories from Paradise City Comic Con
Cool stories from Paradise City Comic Con

Paradise City Comic Con took over the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center last weekend and now that the long lines and sore feet are behind us, remains the memory of your encounter with your favorite celebrities. I have collected for you a couple funny and touching Summer Glau moments that happened there. Happy reading!

Keep checking back in this space for updates! Please let me know what were the highlights of Paradise City Comic Con for you in the comment section or send a mail. I’m always curious.


Adolfo was touched by Summer's sweetness and sincerity when he met her.

I met River!

I met River!
The best part of meeting this delightfully sweet person, whose work in Firefly and Serenity has truly touched my life, was her surprise in seeing one of the original cards from the sneak preview of Serenity from 2005. She was amazed that I had Gina Torres's autograph on it. She said that one was hard to get. She was sweet and showed a sincere joy at meeting her fans.


Tony was impressed with Summer's interaction with his daughter.

Tony was impressed with Summer's interaction with his daughter.

I've always been a fan of Summer's work, but I have to say how impressed I was with how personal and friendly she was when my daughter and I had the chance to meet her at the Paradise City Comic Con this past weekend. She was so nice and encouraging to my daughter, who is an aspiring actress, and really made her feel special. I am now a big fan of Summer as a person. She is truly a class act.


You know the end of the world is coming when it is Summer who awkwardly hover hands her fans ;-). Well done, Gus!

I met River!

Lol. She was really cool. We did a regular pic and then she said, "let's do another one just in case", and I simply asked, "can we do a hover hand pic?". She said, "yes sir" and well, this was the result. 
She was very very nice. She was asking a lot of questions about mu country, life. Oh and I asked her about a follow up of Serenity; she said they are working on it now, that they were waiting for Nathan Fillion to finish with his big Castle contract so...


Actor's life, starring Summer Glau and James R. Taylor.

Hung out and had a great conversation with the beautiful and very hardworking and talented actress Summer Glau

Hung out and had a great conversation with the beautiful and very hardworking and talented actress Summer Glau. She talked to me about her career and how important visualization is. She also told me that I have the personality and energy of an actor and that I will go far. She is so sweet.


Summer signed the River Tam piece that Burning Woods Designs made especially for the convention.

Summer Glau loved my piece!!! She saw it and asked if she could give me a hug!

Summer Glau loved my piece!!! She saw it and asked if she could give me a hug! I of course welcomed the hug very happily! So touched that she loved it so much! 


Side note: While Gus reported a follow up for Serenity is in the works, we don't know if it's really happening and it has not been officially confirmed. I would remain very cautious about that.

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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 13 Dec 2016, 15:07 GMT

It's clear to see that fans go to see Summer for their favourite TV series.  Firefly, and I'm guessing, some of the guys in the pictures above are TSCC fans.

I'm sure Summer would never have dreamed that her role in TSCC would change how many people in our circle view her.  I'd never heard of her until 2007 - I still remember my reaction.  Coincidentally, it was when she was refuelling after the action was over that I began considering her potential in the series.  Perhaps I was sharing thoughts simultaneously with John Connor?

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