Convention stories - Wizard World Chicago

29 Aug 2017
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Convention stories - Wizard World Chicago
Convention stories - Wizard World Chicago

You know the drill. I have collected for you a couple funny and inspiring stories from fans who met Summer at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last weekend. As you will see, Summer always tries to make every person feel special and takes time to get to know each fan. I hope you have fun reading these lovely tidbits. 

More stories will be added as they come, so keep checking back!


Meeting Summer was definitely one of the highlights of Mark's first convention ever!

Summer Glau if you ever see this post, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful moment at Comic Con, you brighten my day this weekend, you are very kind and wonderful as well.

At Wizard World Comic Con I have had a a lot of fun the last two days but on Saturday was moment in my life that I will cherish forever and it will be always in my heart <3.
When I met Summer Glau she said "Hello" and I said "Hello" and I told her I was a little nervous and she smiled at me as I was getting autograph pic of her. I said I was a huge fan of hers and it's an honor to meet you in person. She said "Awe thank you I'm happy to be here". She complimented me on my cosplay outfit [Video game series Assassin's Creed] twice and I had a brief conversation with her as well.
I asked her "Of all the great characters  you played, which ones you enjoyed the most?". She replied saying that one her favorites was playing River from Firefly because it was her first role that made her a star and she also mentioned that she loved playing as Cameron from Terminator series. She gave the autograph pic and told me "Have fun at Comic Con and enjoy the rest of the day"; I said "Thank you Summer". I asked her if I can shake her hand and she did. I said "You have fun as well and enjoy your day too".
Later on I met her again, she remembered my name she said "Hello Mark :) . She gave me tears of joy on Saturday and I will never forget this wonderful moment.
Summer Glau if you ever see this post, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful moment at Comic Con, you brighten my day this weekend, you are very kind and wonderful as well.  Thank you for coming to Comic Con your greatest fan Mark Cornwell <3 <3 :)


Greg and Stefanie already met Summer four years ago at Wizard World Chicago 2013 (photo below). Here's what happened during their second encounter with Summer.

Thank you Summer for a wonderful experience. You are truly such a sweetheart. We wish health and happiness to you and your growing family.

This was very special. This photo was taken a few years ago [Wizard World Chicago 2013]. I showed it to Summer on Saturday when I was getting an autograph. She was so sweet and thrilled to see my wife cosplaying as River in the photo. My wife wasn't going to be at the con until Sunday but Summer said "please have her stop by the booth on Sunday while she is here". 
So on Sunday we stopped by and Summer gave her the biggest hug, like besties that hadn't seen each other in a long time. We were beside ourselves to say the least.
Thank you Summer for a wonderful experience. You are truly such a sweetheart. We wish health and happiness to you and your growing family.


Greg & Stefanie Howard


Visual artist Baitul talks about her experience working as a photo assistant at Wizard World Chicago.

I was actually kind of nervous in this one. Firefly duo with Jewel Staite and Summer Glau.

Well being a photo assistant is just busy work, you have to make sure everything is on task. During an event like Wizard World, the celebs and fans come first.

So we have to ensure everything moves in a timely manner so the fans can experience their photos with their favorite celebrities.

The best moments are when the photos are being taken. Even though we have to move the line along, anything could happen. People jump, scream for joy. Someone brought their puppy to take a picture with Summer and had them take a photo, the dog was shivering it was funny. I just made sure they enjoyed that.

Summer and Jewel were a pleasure to work with. Very humble, courteous and family oriented.

Her husband Val and kid Milena were there. And they were blowing bubbles on the side. It's sweet seeing how she's pregnant and glowing with her family by her side.


Wizard World shows come and go, and are all more or less alike. And don't tell Garrison and Jules otherwise!

Wizard World Chicago 2017 with Jewel Staite and Summer Glau.Wizard World Chicago 2013 with Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau.

The obligatory Firefly photo-op! Summer Glau (Firefly - River, Sarah Connor Chronicles - Cameron) and Jewel Staite (Firefly - Kaylee; Stargate Atlantis - Dr. Jennifer Keller).
This is a recreation with me filling in as Alan Tudyk (sorry for stealing your bit Alan). Alan was covering up a very pregnant Morena Baccarin 4 years ago - Summer is currently 7-1/2 months along.


Isadore kindly sent us his Summer Glau experience.

When I looked at some of the photos and comments from Wizard World Chicago I saw some of the fans had the same amazing experience of meeting Summer Glau as I did.

Here's my experience: When I went to Wizard World Chicago on Sunday, August 27 I met one of the nicest people I've ever came across. Her name is Ms Summer Glau. I first met her at her Photo Op.  I was a little nervous going into the Photo Op to take picture with her. When it was my time for the Photo Op I stood next to her and talked to her for a few seconds stating I loved her in Serenity(I love all of her work). What surprised me was her genuine response of "That's very sweet". It's the way she said it that got to me. She said it in the most kindest, sweetest, endearing way and I knew she meant it.  A feeling came across me of her spirit of kindness that was genuine.

I came across her again as I walking through the convention hall. It was at her autograph booth.  I wasn't planning on getting any autographs that day but Summer Glau was so sweet and kind at the Photo Op that now I just had to get her autograph. Once again, Ms Glau was very sweet and kind at the autograph booth. We talked about her appearance on The Big Bang Theory and her dancing.  She even pronounced my full name correctly, "Isadore" (over 50% of people don't).  As I was leaving the booth Summer Glau said bye using my name.  I was shocked because not only did she say my name saying goodbye but she said it like we knew each other all our lives.

Ms Summer Glau has one of the kindest, sweetest and endearing spirits I ever came across.  It was very nice meeting you Summer Glau.  May you have a long, successful career and good life with your family and friends. Take care.


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2017 gallery album.

A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

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