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Joseph Flowers on: Guess whose birthday it is today!

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Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016

Added by chrisdvanne on Sep 13, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

A moment shared with Summer sometimes leaves one a bit star-struck, yet most of the times it really just makes you realize how down-to-earth and sweet she is in real life. In all cases, meeting Summer at a fan convention is always an inspiring and memorable experience. I've collected for you a couple experiences and stories from people who had the chance to meet Summer at Rose City Comic Con last weekend. You can read them below.


Matt's story

This year 2016 Rose city comic Con was my first event, and I debated a lot if I should even pay for a autograph with any celebrity. So when I looked into Summer Glau being a Arrow TV show fan I wanted to add it together.

I honestly do not know a lot about her other then what I seen her do on the show. When we met I did not expect for my first celebrity I met in person to be as classy honest and Summer kept smiling during the conversation we shared, it was a feeling I kept still because she wasn't acting she was being true to herself during the moment. I didn't know what to add to my autograph so the dumb crush fan moment I had I told her to put anything her heart desired on it and she I quote put "follow me and you will live" and once I seen I smirked to myself and thought Summer Glau was a nice of course beautiful actress but also a bad ass to heart.

Summer said my [Arrow] outfit was very accurate from the show and that I pulled it off and just kept looking me up and down :-)

So to answer your question Chris after my only moments of speaking with her wishing after for more time I seen Summer Glau was not just another actress standing in the light but a actress there for her fans and will never change who she is no matter how famous .

Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016


Jonathan's story

We met Summer Glau today at Rose City Con. My son was dressed like Jayne (from Firefly) and she didn't want to stop holding him. This held up the line for a few minutes. 

Summer tried to leave with him :-) Thanks for being so sweet with our family! We weren't rushed at all and it was awesome, best photo op experience ever! Same with the autograph. Summer Glau is an amazing gal!

Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016


Russquatch's story

So I'm a big geek I love comic con's it's the rare social events I enjoy. This year due to sneakery and deception from someone I thought was a friend my time at Rose City Comic Con was very much a sad filled event, but ... Summer Glau's kindness willing to visit as much as she could with each fan, the positive ... while my time at the con was very much tarnished and just blah this year ... getting to meet Summer was very much the highlight, and at least allowed me to have one point in my comic con trip this year to look back on and smile .. so Thank you Summer Glau. RCCC-16 wasn't the best event I've been too, but for sure Summer Glau is one of the most "real" and kind hearted celebrities I've ever met at a comic con ... and made a negative into a positive for me :)


Christian's story

On my feet for about 4 hours before this shot. She smiles a lot better than I do :-)

Also gave her a dream catcher for her new family addition at her autograph table and got one of her signed photos. She was pleasantly surprised.
[Editor's note: Dream catchers catch all the bad dreams and the good dream go thru the small hole in the center. Made by native americans.]

Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016


Danielle's story

Summer Glau as River Tam. This is the print I got signed at Rose City Comic Con when I gave her the original (and nervously explained the process of making it and how I'm slowly working my way through meeting the entire Firefly cast.)

She was so sweet and seemed genuinely interested in my nervous rambling. (Nervous rambling is my natural state of being.) 

Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016


Cassie's story

Guys! I saw Summer Glau again today and she remember me proposing to her 4 years ago at Emerald City. She also bumped me up from being her fiancée to her wife. Also she said that even though she got married to her husband in the last few years it doesn't invalidate our relationship.

Basically Summer is amazing and I'm so happy she is playing along with this silly little joke.

Convention stories: Rose City Comic Con 2016



You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the Rose City Comic Con 2016 gallery album.

I promise to revisit this topic again, and gather more stories about meeting Summer and how real and gracious she is with fans. I’m sure the stories will be similar, and thankfully so. A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, want to share your story/photos with Summer, please contact us or leave a comment below.

On the same topic, check out photos and stories of fans who have recently shared with us their Summer Glau experience:

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