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Convention stories - MCM Ireland Comic Con

Convention stories - MCM Ireland Comic Con
Convention stories - MCM Ireland Comic Con

You know the drill; I have collected for you a couple funny and inspiring stories from fans who met Summer at MCM Ireland Comic Con in Dublin. As you will see, Summer always tries to make every person feel special and takes time to get to know each fan. I hope you have fun reading these lovely tidbits. 

More stories will be added as they come, so keep checking back!


Summer loved the Jayne's hat key ring that crochet artist Laura - check out her Facebook page By Hook or By Crochet - made for her.  And find out what Summer was doing between takes on set of TSCC.

Summer Glau loved the keyring I made and gave her.

My brother and I went to MCM Dublin and we were both so excited. When we got through the doors, we looked around and found the autograph area. I was so happy but at the same time I was dreading meeting Summer cause I'm so shy.

We went over to the autograph area and her section was empty. Before we went up to Summer, I took out a "Jayne's hat" key ring that I crocheted to give her. I was afraid she wasn't going to like it so I made my brother give it to her. He went up to her, me behind him, and gave it to her and told her I made it. She loved it, which made me so happy. She also told me she loved my top, which was a serenity themed one. I took a little while to decide what picture to get her to sign (ended up picking the one with River from serenity, with the weapons in her hands). Once I decided, she started writing on it. She paused and looked at us and told us that she used to knit and she used to do it a lot on the set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Connor Chronicles and that she would love to start doing it again. She then finished the autograph  (which she wrote "For Laura, no power in the verse can stop me") and then we said goodbye and my brother and I left.

She was so sweet and I'm so happy I met her.
PS: Her panel was amazing


Thank you @ImmortalRoot for the awesome coverage of Summer's appearance at MCM Ireland Comic Con on Twitter, I really appreciated it.

I met Summer again and she's just the sweetest person on the planet.

I was the first in line to meet Summer for autographs this morning and she was incredibly sweet. We talked about her roles on TSCC and Firefly for a bit and she was very humble about working with other actors/actresses.

Then I met her at the photo op and she extended her arms towards me when she saw me.  Adorable! I congratulated her on her pregnancy afterwards. I went to her panel and then I got an autograph for my friend and Summer just got  sweeter the more I saw her today. Bless her.


Dave had a lot of fun meeting the Power Rangers from the original show, Arrow's Manu Bennett and Summer Glau. He also got the chance to see a photo op session that involved Summer, her husband Val and their adorable daughter Milena.

Summer is so sweet and not at all like Isabelle in Arrow. So lovely.

Some of my impressions from seeing Summer this weekend. I dd manage to finish up some photo ops to catch some of her talk. She's a lot of fun. She was very engaging with the fans...She was very well spoken and had some funny stories to tell.

I had to wait a while then for the photo op. Once she arrived the photos were very quick. Firstly she wanted a photo with her daughter and her husband.  Summer's daughter is a little darling, she's just cute. Was cute Summer was getting a few portraits of her at the con today. So a few of us lucky ones at the top of the queue got to see that.  Summer took some photos then with the people helping her out over the course of the day. Once the photos started they were quick, but Summer was so lovely and was trying to take some time to shake people's hand and try and say a few words with everyone.
She was super nice and really a pleasure to wait around.

Summer is a lovely person. I really enjoyed meeting her, even if it was brief.  I hope to meet her again.


Suffice to say that Jonathan had an amazing time meeting Summer. He got his photo op with Summer on Sunday wearing Captain Kirk’s battle suit, from the movie “Star Trek Beyond" but I could not resist the pleasure of showcasing his fabulous Judge Dredd cosplay from his first meeting with her on Saturday.

One terminator and One hero!judge dredd cosplay

Dear Admins,

I am big fan of the amazing Summer, here is a little something I penned for her…

"Summer Glau, how you rock me so!" The first line of a poem that I wooed the actress of many cult science fiction shows. On Saturday I was resplendent as Dredd whenever I met her at first. My heart was racing within my bosum, my chest was rising with gallant pride! (Forgetting the infamous Billie Piper incident wherein she saved my life as Piper pushed me back whenever I lurched forward in excitement, but that's a story for another day past.) I digress. I presented Summer with 3 gifts! The poem was the first, the second was a Celtic triskelion necklace with 3 charms on it. Her face beamed and she clutched it to her chest in gratitude. And she said, "thank you!" The final gift was my book. Unfortunately, I had forgotten in my haste to sign it! Oh, the calamity of the situation!

Time was short, and of the utmost essence. We had to go.

We made our farewells to the fair Summer, and vowed, nay promised to return forthwith the following day, with a signed copy of my book.

So, now as the heroic guise as Captain James Tiberius Kirk  (It’s unfinished - it was my first outing on that day) we met the following morning. Summer said, "I hope you had come back!" She greeted me with a peck on each cheek, and a gentle kiss.

And so the day ends, as does my tale. Inside the book "Ten Minutes On Mars" I inscribed my dedication, "To Summer! You are under arrest, for stealing my heart! Love from Jonathan Fisher!" 

And the last line of the poem read, "In the Summer's heat, men perspire, horse's sweat, but you merely glow."

And that is how it's done.

Now, to the next thrilling tale of high adventure!

An Ode to Summer Glau.

Summer Glau, Summer Glau, oh you rock me so!
On Firefly and Serenity you kicked Alliance ass, you had sass!
I adored you as the Terminator, Cameron, that was an awesome show,
You were Tess on the 4400, on the Big Bang Theory you showed great class!
I think in the Summer’s heat, men perspire, horses sweat, but you always glow.
Summer Glau, Summer Glau, oh you rock me so!

By Jonathan Fisher

I am a science fiction author, and my work is gaining considerable interest, slowly. I presented Summer with a signed copy of my book 'Ten Minutes on Mars', and I would be utterly thrilled if she could have the time to send me her thoughts on it.

UPDATE 07/07/2017: Added Laura's story.


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the MCM Dublin Comic Con 2017 gallery album.

A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

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Always nice stories smile .

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Collecting photos from the net for our gallery is one thing. But getting to know the story behind a photo with Summer is the most interesting part, at least for me :-)

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