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Fans share their convention stories - MCM Belfast.
Fans share their convention stories - MCM Belfast.

I have collected for you a couple funny and inspiring stories from fans who met Summer at last week's MCM Belfast Comic Con. As you will see, Summer always tries to make every person feel special and takes time to get to know each fan. I hope you have fun reading these lovely tidbits. 

More stories will be added as they come, so keep checking back!


MCM Northern Ireland veteran George provided Summer with information on places to see and things to do for her first trip to Northern Ireland and had an amazing experience meeting her.

I truly enjoyed my experience meeting Summer Glau and it is one I will never forget. I went home that night and watched Serenity again.

Hey Chris of course I'm happy to share my meeting Summer Glau, I usually attend the Northern Ireland Comic Cons and was really excited for this one because of Summer. I'm a huge fan of Firefly/Serenity, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Arrow so this was very exciting. I went the first day and queued to meet Summer and get an autograph which I love, Summer was so friendly and we chatted about this being her first visit to Northern Ireland and all the things she wanted to do while she was here, including visiting the coast with her family. We chatted for a good while and then I wished her all the best and she even gave me a hug.

Unfortunately as I had to go to work I couldn't stay for Summer's Q&A, so I decided to go back the second day just to see it and it was definitely worth it, Summer talked about her background in dance, and how the choreographers used her talents to create a style of fighting that suited her character on screen (we all love the fight scene at the end of serenity). Summer talked about how Joss took a chance on her in her first real role and hired her for Firefly, she even told a funny story about how she turned up for her first rehearsal in full character mode giving it 110% and everyone else was chilled and relaxed drinking their coffees not taking it too seriously and Joss came over to her at the end and said to Summer "Wow that was really...........full effort" and laughed together about how seriously she took her first rehearsal.

Having enjoyed the Q&A so much I wanted to meet Summer again and I decided to go get a photograph as well, but there was no more photoshoots, so I queued up to see her and see if I could get a photo at her desk and she was more than happy to take a one, she even remembered me from the day before and we continued our conversation about Northern Ireland and what else she had been doing. I truly enjoyed my experience meeting Summer Glau and it is one I will never forget. I went home that night and watched Serenity again.


Brian had a great time meeting Summer and even grabbed a quick selfie with her.

Wee quick selfie with actress Summer Glau.
Summer signed two photos for me and the free mini Comic Con event programme - MCM Belfast

Hey just a short email about my experience today you may share on the website if you want..... So today me and my family went to the MCM Northern Ireland Comic Con there was a few good guests this year. But the one I came for was Summer Glau, loved her in Firefly and Sarah Connor Television show and other stuff she's been involved with.

I watched her 30 minute Q and A then made my way to the guest area as quick as I could to be up front in row of people, now before I continue I was made part time in work about 2 months ago so money is tight with having 2 young children and what comes with responsibility so I could not afford the photo opportunity at the cost of £48 which personally I think is very expensive so I thought maybe I could grab a selfie even through the organization running the Con seems to be against them.

Anyway back to the story, standing in line Summer came back and sat down smiling at people and talking to the maybe 5 people in front of me, as I approached I got nervous and asked would she sign by Terminator Blu-ray and my autograph book for my 2 daughters.... She was very interested in the names of my girls [Poppi and Giorgia] and spent time talking about her/my kids names and how she loved the idea of collecting autographs from my girls, we talked about the hope for a season 3 /proper ending for The Terminator show and so on. Before she finished signing my book I asked would she mind a quick selfie and she said she was not allowed but to come round quickly and take a photo.... I was so glad even though it was slightly blurry I didn't care as o got what I came for and more, I thanked her and wished her and the bump good luck and shook hands and said goodbye. O left well happy.... These are my autographs and photo thank you. Brian Griffith.


Glad to hear you had such an amazing experience meeting Summer, John and I hope everything will be ok for you.

It was a great event here in Belfast and Summer is an amazing, wonderful, caring, kind lady.
Summer signed two photos for me and the free mini Comic Con event programme - MCM Belfast

Hello SG fans, I thought I would look up to find Summer on FB and found your pages instead. Summer attended the Belfast Comic Con on the 24/06/2017 and I want to share a few photos etc with her fans on It was a great event here in Belfast and Summer is an amazing, wonderful, caring, kind lady. During my long chat with her, Summer told me that she hasn't any on going acting jobs lately, due to her home commitments after her daughter Milena's birth with husband actor Val Morrison. Then she opened up to me and told me a secret, that she is in the early stages of having another child. So best wishes and congrats to Summer and Val. The pregnancy wasn't showing on her lovely figure, so she must be in her first trimester stage. She also mentioned that one role she would like to do is a Period Drama or film, as she is very interested in history. If she was offered a Superheroine acting role it would have to be one that nobody else has played yet.

On a personal note Summer signed two photos for me and the free mini Comic Con event programme and I will try to post the photographs below this comment. Summer was throughout our conversation a beautiful caring and opened heart young lady to meet. If Summer Glau is reading this, a big THANK YOU for your kind words about my illness and spending the time talking to me. It was a superb experience to have met you.

If anyone knows how to contact her on FB, Twitter, Website etc please comment it below for me to send a private message to her. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy my brush with fame and I wanted to share it with you all.

Oh a special thanks to Manu Bennett (Arrow, Shannara) for being a gentleman and getting me a chair to sit on, The Dude of the Day.


Liam's story could well cause a fan frenzy among TSCC lovers. However, there's nothing official and I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. 

it was a dream come true to meet was a dream come true to meet Summer.

Well, as I said it was a dream come true to meet Summer, not many opportunities to meet great actors and actresses such as summer and Sam Jones [best known for playing the title character in the 1980 film Flash Gordon] ...and not to mention I was thrilled to meet my two heroes I talked with Summer I had told her I do some acting also and was there any inspiring words for me and these were Summers words ..."the most important thing is to be yourself also that it's not about fitting in, it's about standing out".

We also talked about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; I asked if the rumors were true she was making more in the future and she said yes but we've got to wait a little longer ..needless to say I can't wait.


Gary is a comic geek and a Chef at Radisson Blu Hotel Belfast. What a thrill to cook for your tv heroes. We had a nice little chat on Twitter.

Was an amazing feeling to cook breakfast for Summer Glau and family this weekend before she went to MCM Northern Ireland Comic Con . Hope they enjoyed it.

She really is the most down to earth sweetest woman and has such a lovely family aswell, was so honoured to cook and chat with her. Was so amazing to but was nervous to.


You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panel in the MCM Belfast Comic Con 2017 gallery album.

A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, are interested in sharing your story/photos, just post them in the comment section below or send us an email.

On the same topic, check out photos and stories of fans who have recently shared with us their Summer Glau experience:


UPDATE 06/26/2017: Added George's stories.

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Thanks for sharing, some great stories and memorable moments for fan's to treasure for many years to come  wink 

Did i actually come across TSCC being resurrected? Or was i just lost in the fog! 
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