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Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016
Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016

A moment shared with a favorite actor or actress always leaves one a bit star-struck, yet sometimes it really just makes you realize how down-to-earth and real these people are when off-camera. But one thing is certain: meeting Summer at a fan convention is always an exciting and memorable experience. I've collected for you a couple experiences and stories from people who had the chance to meet Summer at Dragon Con last weekend. You can read them below.


Mark's story

Dragon Con was a good experience, first time at the con so a bit overwhelming! The photo op with Summer was good although you get like three seconds with her which I expected but still kinda sucks lol. Because of that I bought an autograph and had her sign my photo and she was really nice and I got to talk to her for more than three seconds at least. 

I mentioned to her that I felt like Leonard on The Big Bang Theory when I met her for the autograph and she laughed and said she was watching the show in her room last night. I asked her if she ever watched anything she's in and she said no because she hates her work or something to that effect lol. I expected her to say that but wasn't sure what all to say! She was really nice and said our photo turned out great too. Also her handler (i guess?) at the signing was awesome and let my wife wait at the table until I got back with the cash because silly me didn't have enough and had to go wait in the dreaded atm line.

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016


Kandace's story

My most prized possession. An autograph from Summer Glau. We had a great conversation and she gave me a hug so I'm still so starstruck. Shes was super sweet.

Well she kind of helped me reconnect with my dad through her acting in Firefly. I told her my story about how me and my dad really didn't get along for many years until we discovered our mutual love of Firefly.  She was really touched and talked with me for a few minutes and insisted on giving me a hug which was probably the greatest moment of my life. I'll always be thankful for her and her talent because without her I may have never had a relationship with my dad.

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016


Alexander's story

I wasn't planning on this moment happening but I'm not complaining! Made my trip worth it!

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016


Michelle's story

Amazing time this weekend highlight was this picture with Summer and meeting her afterwards. We chatted about working in Vancouver, Canada and because I now live on the East Coast of Canada about Prince Edward Island [Editor's note: Canadian province], she was so sweet!

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016


Ryan's story

This one... Left me disbelieving my extraordinary good luck!  Summer Glau was so sweet and beautiful. 

Seeing as some distinctly memorable things happened while in line for Summer's autograph, I will be glad to share my experience.

So, to start off with, I get to the Walk of Fame (the DragonCon signing area) and go to get in line for Summer's autograph. By this time the line is pretty long, spreading to an overflow area just next to her table. As I am getting in line, I look to my right and see Timothy Zahn, one of my very favorite authors walking up.... And he gets in line just behind me with who I assume was his son! We spend easily 30 minutes talking about his books as the line moves forward.

After adding about 9 or 10 more people after us, they cap Summer's line, as she has a photo-op session to go do. The line steadily advances, and I make it to the main part of the line, all the time talking with Timothy/his son, or listening to them talk to other fans around us (as he's getting noticed by a bunch of us). A little after Timothy and I do make it to the main line however, they cap the line again directly in front of me, as otherwise she's not going to make it to her photo session. Her handler was nice though, and gave each of us in between the two line caps a sticky with a number which allowed us to skip the line once she got back.  Now unbeknownst to us at the time, she had to do a panel immediately after the photo session, so her return was a while later than we expected.  Thankfully that slip allowed us to leave the line and do other things while we were waiting and then come back to her line afterwards.

I did end up getting her autograph, and the selfie I shared previously.  After meeting her I think my brain turned to mush, as I forgot about a photo op of my own I had scheduled and missed that. The photo people were nice though and allowed me to trade in that purchased ticket for a few different others today,  so all in all, a great experience! 

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016


Alysia's story

Michelle and I definitely fan-girled out at the opportunity to get to meet Summer Glau! Who doesn't love some River Tam from Firefly?! Not to mention, I also LOVE her role in Sarah Connor Chronicles. She's just such a gorgeous, quiet, gentle spirit -- Very, very sweet girl. And, somehow, even prettier in person!

Convention stories: Dragon Con 2016



You can see more photos of Summer posing with fans, signing autographs at her booth or at her panels in the Dragon Con 2016 Con gallery album.

I promise to revisit this topic again, and gather more stories about meeting Summer and how real and gracious she is with fans. I’m sure the stories will be similar, and thankfully so. A huge thank you to those of you who sent in stories. If you, too, want to share your story/photos with Summer, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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