Celebrate Summer During Christmas Keepsake Week

Summer Glau as elf Christine in Hallmark's Christmas movie Help for the Holidays
Don't miss Summer Glau in Help for the Holidays during Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake event.

What better way can there be to get your mind off the blistering heat of Summer (the season) for a little while than a Hallmark Christmas movie? Hallmark's July Christmas Keepsake Event starts next weekend and, as you may have guessed, Summer's Christmas movie "Help for the Holidays" will be broadcast during the event.

So keep Christmas in your heart all year and celebrate Summer (the season and the actress) by tuning in to Hallmark Channel on Thursday, July 9th at 4PM/3c to see Summer - as the cutest elf ever - help Eva La Rue and her family come to their senses about the meaning of Christmas.

Visit Hallmark Channel for the complete movie schedule.

28 Jun 2015
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