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Behind the Scenes stills from the set of Con Man
Date: 13 Apr 2016 Added by: chrisdvanne |
Behind the Scenes still from the set of Con Man

The Con Man season 1 DVD & Blu-ray, including all 13 episodes in glorious HD, is now available and we have a behind-the-scenes still from the set featuring Summer happily posing with Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, Alan Tudyk and PJ Haarsma.

UPDATE: we have added one more behind-the-scenes image of Summer on set of Con Man.

Hopefully there is more material featuring Summer in the discs. Meanwhile, check out this lovely image below.

Behind the Scenes still from the set of Con Man
Behind the Scenes still from the set of Con Man

If you haven't yet, you can watch Summer's cameo appearance as make-up lady Martina in episode 1.07 of Con Man titled 'Doll Faced'.

This DVD & Blu-ray combo set is region free so both discs will work anywhere in the world and is loaded with extra features including:

  • Blooper Reel
  • Behind the Scenes video
  • Special Thank You from Alan & Nathan
  • Stills from the Set
  • Commentary Track with Alan, Nathan, and PJ. 
  • Indiegogo Promo and Trailers
  • Free Laughs
  • Smells of Comic Con (attachment needed)
  • Special Effects Reel

Can't wait to receive my copy!

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  Message #1 | Cammy | 13 Apr 2016, 21:17 GMT

So my suspicions were correct, she ís in only one episode (sadly). IMDb says there are two episodes featuring her.
If there's more of Summer in the extras on the DVD & Blu-ray please share them, I only got a hold of the episodes themselves  biggrin

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