Arrow: Susanna Thompson On Isabel Rochev

Susanna Thompson, who plays Moira Queen in Arrow, gave TV Fanatic some insight into the mind of her character, what we can expect when Count Vertigo makes a return visit in this weeks episode 'State v. Queen', and twist and turns ahead.
Find below an excerprt from the exclusive Q&A inwhich Susanna Thompson talks Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev and follow the link for the complete article.
Susanna Thompson's character Moira Queen on trial for her role in the Undertaking on Arrow.
Susanna Thompson's character Moira Queen on trial
for her role in the Undertaking on Arrow.
TVF: What do you think Moira’s future is at Queen Consolidator now that Isabel (Summer Glau) has taken the reigns?
ST: A good question, Jim, because I’ve always felt that Moira was about holding onto family at all costs and Queen Consolidated is an extension of that. It is their legacy and I would suspect that, yes, and in the very first episode of season two she warns Oliver about Isabel. She also guides him in knowing who to consult and how to hold onto Queen Consolidated. So I do think that it’s very important that it stay within the family. I do believe she knows more about Isabel than she’s letting on to Oliver.
TVF: Which should make things more interesting now that Oliver and Isabel have slept together [In episode 2x06 'Keep Your Enemies Closer'].  
ST: Exactly. Right? I mean, this is what I mean in terms of one can keep sharing the truth and stepping into more and more braver places in one’s life but then circumstance can bring you up against perhaps another skeleton that you’d never thought you were going to have to look at again. I do suspect that something around Isabel is another skeleton. She clearly didn’t come out and say anything to Oliver about it but she does warn him about her. So what was that warning about?
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Summer is back as Isabel Rochev in episode eight of the second season of Arrow titled "The Scientist". Check out the promo photos for this episode.


20 Nov 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 20 Nov 2013, 18:50 GMT [Entry]

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and Summer Glau hinted that Isabel Rochev's connection to the Queen family will be revealed in episode 8.
I wonder if Moira Queen knows about it.

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